Next Gen Data Center

Next Generation Data CenterIn 2013 the Next Generation Data Center Project was undertaken to redesign and relocate the City's existing data centers, achieve new efficiencies, reduce risks, and provide for the current and future technology infrastructure needs of the City.   Phase 1 of the project concluded in late 2013, handing off to the Phase II project team a ten year strategy to build two data centers, focused on security and high availability through redundant systems.  The design included the technology capability to develop disaster recovery programs and progressed through a rigorous governance process to ensure the new infrastructure would meet the needs of all departments.

This has been a cross-departmental collaborative venture by City technology teams who over the last two years have been designing and building two new facilities to house our computing infrastructure.  NGDC is comprised of two new data centers which were built in colocation facilities. The larger of the two is the "Western Data Center" or "WDC".  The WDC is located in Tukwila.  The "Eastern Data Center" or "EDC" site is located near Spokane, a geographically different risk zone from Seattle.

Launched prior to Seattle IT, but over time through coordination with the consolidation effort, the NGDC program is delivering on the new data centers and technology strategy, including Cloud.  Pilot migrations of development and test applications began in March 2016.   Production systems are scheduled to begin migrating to the Western Data Center in late April and complete by August 31, 2016.