IT Consolidation

In May 2015, Mayor Ed Murray announced that City of Seattle employees working in the Executive Branch who perform information technology related duties will be consolidated into a new department, Seattle Information Technology Department (Seattle IT), on April 6, 2016. By making this change, the City will:

  • Create capacity to deliver on the most important technology projects in the City within current levels of staffing
  • Establish consistent standards and priorities for IT investments
  • Make IT a strategic business partner, enabling the delivery of IT solutions for a safe, affordable, vibrant and innovative city
  • Protect our resources from threats, especially related to security and privacy risks
  • Develop our workforce to evolve with technology, helping us to continually deliver technology solutions to meet the City's objectives.

Since the announcement, staff from across the City have been engaged in consolidation planning activities. This includes a series of transition teams planning for the human resources, financial, service, and cultural change aspects of the new department. Legislation to create Seattle IT was transmitted to City Council on September 28, 2015, as part of the Mayor's 2016 budget proposal.

Consolidation approach and timeline

On the date the consolidation takes effect in April 2016, IT leaders from across executive departments will change their reporting relationship, changing primarily from reporting to department finance or administrative leaders to the Office of the CTO in the new Seattle IT. Other staff will continue to work in their current roles, performing the same work, and reporting to their current supervisor.

Over the remainder of 2016, we will gradually and carefully bring together staff working on some infrastructure functions -- such as service desks, networks, device support, security, and similar functions. How each service will be integrated will depend on the details of the functions and will be guided by knowledgeable staff from across City departments who can help bring best practices to each activity.

During 2017, we will functionally integrate city-wide and department applications development, geographic information systems support, and web services. By the end of 2018, with the integration of application operations and support, the consolidation will be complete.