Digital Equity Progress Report

Seattle's digital equity progress is the result of public, education, non-profit, business and volunteer investments. 

In 2016, the City began implementing the Digital Equity Action Plan.
In 2018, In 2018, the City of Seattle provided over $1.4 million in contracts with community agencies to provide technology access and digital literacy services. Two-hundred fourty-four (244) community volunteers donated 7,463 hours of services to further digital equity. As a result of these efforts and public and private investments, 4,692 Seattle residents received digital skills training and 2,469 low-income residents signed uCover shot of Seattle 2018 Digital Equity Report with pictures of people learning.p for free or discounted home internet. Collaborations helped our residents connect with more resources. For instance, the Seattle Public Library partnered with the Somali Family Safety Taskforce to provide technology training for participants. After learning new digital skills, class graduates received refurbished laptops, provided with support from Seattle IT and InterConnection.

223 community organizations received free broadband internet from Comcast and Wave through our franchise partnerships. This enabled the community organizations to provide digital skills training and use of computers and the internet to help residents with work, education, essential services, and daily living.

wifi logoFree public wi-fi and internet kiosks at 70 City of Seattle sites, in libraries, community centers, City Hall and other public buildings, resulted in 879,559 sessions at public computers and over 3.8 million Wi-Fi connections for residents' computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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