Condo and apartment buildings

Providing new, competitive broadband services in Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) buildings, like apartments and condominiums, works differently than single family homes. To connect new service, building owners must agree to allow a new provider to connect their service to the building, place central distribution equipment in a security facility, and potentially connect new wires to each housing unit. Newly constructed apartment and condo buildings are thinking about broadband and often pre-wire units for competitive, and often gigabit, broadband internet services. For existing buildings, the cost of adding new service can be significant for both the broadband provider and the building owner.

The City is taking steps to encourage competition in existing buildings. In a revision to the City's Cable Code passed by Council in March 2015, the City now forbids providers from locking building owners into exclusive contracts for cable television services and limiting the term of new contracts. While the City's authority only extends to cable television, providers like CenturyLink, Comcast, and Wave deliver both television and broadband internet services over the same cables, therefore reducing barriers to building access helps both services.

(Add content from recent MDU seminar for building owners and condo boards)