Technology in the City of Seattle

The City of Seattle employs more than 750 information technology staff who deliver powerful information solutions for the City and the public we serve.

As Seattle strives to become a safe, affordable, vibrant, innovative and connected City, the need for effective technology solutions is critical. Seattle IT supports City departments in the pursuit of this mission by:

  • Connecting people with their government. Seattle IT operates the external face of the city – seattle.gov, Seattle Channel, and a suite of mobile applications. With a rapidly growing population and business climate, more people than ever need timely information and services from their City government. Seattle IT is committed to furthering its online presence and tools to meet the needs of an innovative and creative city.
  • Ensuring an effective and productive workforce. The talented, professional staff of Seattle IT are passionate about enabling our colleagues to serve the people and businesses of Seattle. In a region with a thriving technology industry, these individuals choose to devote their time to serving others. We provide powerful technology solutions to employees, helping them provide excellent service and meet the public where they are.
  • Building a digitally equitable community. Internet access is the infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century. The internet, and the access to the information and services it provides, is responsible for economic growth, job creation, education, and a better way of life. But, the internet only creates value for people if everyone has choices for equal and affordable access, and the digital literacy to use that access effectively.