Building for the Future

These initiatives prepare for the future by developing new parks, acquiring new park land, or building new assets within parks. They include maintenance funding to keep the new parks clean, safe, and welcoming long after they're constructed. They also contain funding to activate connections between greenways and parks, and explore a new management and partnership model for downtown parks.

Urban Parks Partnerships

Activate Hing Hay, Freeway, and Victor Steinbrueck parks with the help of community partners.

Activating and Connecting to Greenways

Collaborate with Seattle Department of Transportation to mark and activate greenways where they enter parks with signage, programming, seating for pedestrians, and other ideas. Visit the Activating and Connecting Greenways project page.

Major Projects Challenge Fund

The Seattle Park District's Major Projects Challenge Fund (MPCF) is an initiative which leverages Seattle Park District funding with community-raised matching funds. The MPCF awards are based on a recommendation from the Seattle Park District Oversight Committee and confirmed by Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) Superintendent.

Seattle Parks and Recreation launches 2018 Major Project Challenge Fund

MPCF - Timeline

  • January - March 2018 - Public Outreach, including use of the IOPE. (may include workshops or information sessions for potential proposals)
  • March 30, 2018 - Proposal Letters Due
  • April - May 2018 - Staff review of applications
  • June 2018 - District Oversight Committee review and recommendation to Superintendent
  • July - September 2018 - Funds awarded to project. Projects will be managed by SPR.

Additional MPCF Information Contact: David Graves, Strategic Advisor, 206-684-7048 or

2016 Major Projects Challenge Fund

Park District Initiative 4.2: Major Projects Challenge Fund 2016 Briefing Paper

In 2016 the following eight projects received funding:
1. Amy Yee Tennis Center - $1,273,000
2. Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center Report - $30,000
3. Green Lake Small Craft Center Redevelopment - $93,000
   There have long been conversations among the rowing and sailing community that the Small Craft Center (SCC) is in need of improvement and/or expansion to better serve existing and potential future users. Damage to the SCC from the Nisqually earthquake in 2001 was repaired but no improvements were made to the facility. In 2017, with funding from the Major Projects Challenge Fund and in partnership with the Rowing Advisory Council, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) hired Schact Aslani Architects to undertake a pre-design feasibility study to look at options for improving the SCC.
   • Download the final version of the feasibility study here.
   On January 29, SPR began the next phase of planning and design with the issuance of an RFQ for a design team to lead the design process as SPR begins the public outreach process. Look for ongoing project updates and notices on this webpage.
   The initial design phase of the project is funded through the Neighborhood Matching Fund. The goal is to complete the design phase of the redevelopment project with permits and construction bid documents in hand by May 2019. Currently, the project is only funded through schematic design; funding is not yet identified for construction.
4. Kubota Garden  - $925,000
5. Madrona Bathhouse Report - $40,000
6. Magnuson Park Community Center Report - $50,000
7. Magnuson Park Playfield Development Study - $50,000
8. South Park Community Center - Playground and Playfields Renewal Site Wide Study - $50,000
   • Final South Park Community Center Site Wide Plan

Develop 14 New Parks and Land-Banked Sites

Smith Cove Park Development 

Visit the project page

Park Land Acquisition and Leverage Fund