Maintaining Parks and Facilities

These initiatives fund day-to-day maintenance of parks and facilities, improve park safety by increasing enforcement of leash and scoop laws, and improve dog off-leash areas and p-patches.

Associated Projects

Rejuvenate Our P-Patches

Fund the renewal of existing P-Patch gardens, update aging garden infrastructure, increase accessibility, and expand essential services. This initiative fosters community building and recognizes both the importance of P-Patches as community spaces and the support needed to sustain them for everyone, including underserved and underrepresented communities. Visit the Rejuvenate Our P-Patches page and Explore the budget.

Improve Off-Leash Areas

Download the Draft Plan

Improve existing off-leash areas through increased maintenance and updates to aging infrastructure.
  • Go to the Improve Off-Leash Areas project page 
  • Visit the People, Dogs, and Parks Strategic Plan page
  • Explore the budget.

Provide Clean, Safe, Welcoming Parks

Improve parks grounds maintenance, landscaping, and tree work by adding a third tree crew to protect the long-term health of park trees; Increasing support of Seattle conservation Corps; doubling weekly cleanings of comfort stations during peak season at 41 locations. Explore the budget.

Increase Preventative Maintenance

New third shift crew of journey-level trades positions to maintain recreation facilities at night 24 facilities move from 5-7 year cycle of visits to a 2-year cycle. Fewer 2-3 week closures. Explore the budget.

Make Parks Safer

One maintenance worker and one humane animal control officer. Explore the budget.