Fix It First

These initiatives tackle the $267-million major maintenance backlog, fund the improvement and rehabilitation of community centers, fund the Green Seattle Partnership's efforts to save the urban forest, implement the encroachment resolution program and fund major maintenance at the Aquarium and Zoo. See list of completed projects (through 2017)

Associated Projects

Major Maintenance Backlog and Asset Management Operating Funds

Ensure city parkland is available for the public to use and enjoy through the removal of 25 property encroachments Provide more efficient tracking and forecasting through a new integrated asset management work order system. Explore the budget and the details of the composite projects. Projects completed 2015-2017.

Saving our City Forests

Leverage $1 million in volunteer time and put 100 acres into active restoration. Explore the budget.

Zoo Major Maintenance

This ongoing project preserves the Zoo facilities to enable it to operate efficiently, and to offer a world-class experience to the patrons. Typical projects include exhibit renovation, water, electrical, irrigation, and sewer systems replacement. Explore the budget.

Aquarium Major Maintenance

Explore the budget.

Community Center Rehabilitation & Development

Improvements and needed repairs for our facilities and community centers. Explore the Budget.