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Get Involved

Comment on the Draft 2021 Stormwater Code and Manual

Draft documents of the 2021 Stormwater Code and Manual, supporting documentation, and other related project code changes are now posted on the Project Documents page. These documents will be posted from March 23 through April 9, 2021 for the public notice for rulemaking comment period for the Director's Rules (Seattle Stormwater Manual and the new SPU Public Drainage System Requirements).

We have already had three public review periods and four public meetings to highlight the proposed changes and seek feedback from the public. Recordings of the public meetings can be found below in the public meetings section of this webpage.

City Council will hold a public hearing for the Stormwater Code Ordinance in April 2021.

Use the comment template to submit any additional comments to SPUStormwaterCodeRev@seattle.gov.

Comment Instructions

If you're suggesting a code revision, please complete the comment template and include the following information:

  • Number and title of the code section (for example: 22.805.070.D.a)
  • Specific code language you're suggesting
  • Explanation of why the code should be changed

If you're suggesting a manual revision, please include the following information:

  • Volume, chapter, section, and page number in the 2021 draft manual
  • Specific manual language you're suggesting
  • Explanation of why the manual language should be changed

Email your comments to SPUStormwaterCodeRev@seattle.gov or mail them to the address noted above. We may not be able to respond to individual comments, but we will take all comments into consideration.

Public Meetings

We've held the following online public meetings to describe the proposed changes:

  • Spring of 2020 (Completed): Prior to submittal of the Draft Stormwater Code and Manual to Ecology 2 online public meetings were held on: April 26 and May 6, 2020. If you missed them, watch our  recording of the April 26 meeting and take a look at the PowerPoint!
  • November 12, 2020 (Completed): This meeting focused on changes to the Stormwater Code, Volume 1 of the Stormwater Manual, and Appendix B (Additional Submittal Requirements), and Appendix I (Landscape Management Plan and Integrated Pest Management). If you missed this meeting, watch the recording and take a look at the PowerPoint. Please note: the graphs of the Peak Flow Control Standard changes on pages 37 and 38 were incorrect in the meeting presentation and are corrected in the files posted here.
  • January 28, 2021 (Completed): This meeting, associated with public review period #3, focused on changes to the full revised draft of the Stormwater Manual (all volumes and appendices) since the spring 2020 public review period. In addition, it covered associated changes to the Grading Code and introduced the new SPU public drainage system Director's Rule. If you missed this meeting, watch our recording and take a look at the PowerPoint. (Note: the PowerPoint presentation also includes topics covered in November.)

    Important Note: during the public meeting, we were asked if the information on a SDCI preliminary assessment report would "vest" a project based on the information provided (e.g. approved point of discharge, flow control requirements, etc.). We would like to clarify that preliminary assessment reports or preliminary applications do not vest any projects to a certain code or director's rule. SDCI permit applications will not be vested to the 2016 Stormwater Code and associated rules unless there is a complete permit application (i.e. the full permit submittal is screened, accepted, and fees paid) prior to July 1, 2021.