RSJ Roundtable

The Race and Social Justice Community Roundtable is a partnership of twenty-five community organizations and public institutions working together to achieve racial equity in Seattle.

Roundtable members are committed to achieving racial equity throughout Seattle via coordinated actions. Members also are working to address institutional racism within their own organizations.

The task of the Roundtable is to work together to examine and interrupt the School to Prison Pipeline. Graduation rates, rates of discipline, test scores and other measures illustrate a clear racial divide in education. Typical explanations usually focus on the capacity of individual teachers, students, the curriculum, etc. Yet systemic race-based inequities sort and shape students in ways that are obvious to families of color, but often invisible to white families.

The result? Students of color are pushed out of the classroom and into the criminal legal system, where there is disproportionality in arrest rates, detention rates, sentencing and incarceration.

The Roundtable will build on the work that the Disproportionality in Discipline Committee of the Roundtable has done for the last several years to focus on establishing a culturally-anchored Restorative Justice model in the Seattle Public Schools, as opposed to the punishment-driven, zero-tolerance policies currently in place.

Member list: RSJ Community Roundtable

Arab American Community Coalition Devon Abdalla, Board Member
Childcare Resources Deeann Burtch Puffert, CEO
Office for Civil Rights, City of Seattle Patricia Lally, Director
El Centro De La Raza Estela Ortega, Executive Director
Office of Equity and Social Justice, King County Matias Valenzuela, Director
NAACP, Seattle King County Chapter Gerald Hankerson, President
Nonprofit Assistance Center Predeepta Upadhyay, Planning Development Director
One America Rich Stolz, Director
People's Institute NW
Pride Foundation Kris Hermanns, Executive Director
Puget Sound Educational Service District Melia LaCour, Equity in Education Program Manager
Seattle City Council Bruce Harrell, Councilmember
Seattle Education Association Jonathan Knapp, President
Seattle Housing Authority Andrew Lofton, Executive Director
Seattle Indian Health Board Ralph Forquera, Executive Director
Seattle Public Schools Bernardo Ruiz, School and Family Partnerships Director
Seattle University, Center for the Study of Justice in Society Dr. Pamela Taylor, Director
Senior Services Paula Houston, CEO
Social Justice Fund Zeke Spier, Executive Director
Solid Ground Gordon McHenry, President & CEO
United Way of King County Sara Levin, Community Services Vice-President
Washington Community Action Network Will Pittz, Executive Director
Youth Undoing Institutional Racism Marcel Purnell
YWCA Margie Haywood, Director of Youth Services & Girls’ Leadership