PMA #3324

SDOT Mercer Mega Block

This property has a long City history, beginning with the purchase of land for construction of the Bay Freeway from 1967-1972. The project was abandoned in 1972. In 2002, the City sold a large parcel to City investors, but repurchased the property in 2007 to complete the Mercer Corridor Project West Phase improvements. Traffic realignments resulted in the abandonment of the segment of Broad Street between Dexter and Mercer streets, and the City is proceeding with a street vacation process for Broad Street to create a large parcel suitable for redevelopment. The City Council's Sustainability and Transportation Committee on May 31, 2016 recommended marketing 800 Mercer St. and 615 Dexter Ave. N. as part of a joint RFP for development consistent with the underlying zoning and neighborhood plans. This property is excess to the Seattle Department of Transportation's needs. SDOT has applied for a street vacation for a portion of the property. The property is currently being used by contractors working on City-related projects. For more information, please contact us.

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