COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for City Contractors and Volunteers

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for City Contractors and Volunteers 

On Sept. 28, Mayor Durkan issued Executive Order 2021-08: COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for City Contractors requiring City of Seattle contractors and volunteers be fully vaccinated if their work involves being on-site or in-person. This order will become effective Dec. 5, 2021. 

Who does this order apply to? 

All City of Seattle contractors and volunteers contracting with executive offices and departments* must be fully vaccinated if their work involves being on-site or in-person. 

  • "In-person" includes any situation where a contractor or volunteer interacts face-to-face with the public or other City staff, contractors or volunteers, regardless of how many other people are present. 
  • "On-site" includes, but is not limited to City property, City facilities, City rights-of-way and/or locations that require interaction with the general public. The requirement applies to indoor and outdoor worksites, regardless of whether other workers are present or not. 
  • The Executive Order does not apply to contractors that have a fleeting physical presence on site (aka delivery drivers) and contractors where work is always performed off-site and does not involve in-person interactions (aka consultants solely on video calls). 

 *Executive offices and departments means all departments reporting to the Mayor, which is all offices and departments except Seattle City Council, Seattle Municipal Court and Seattle City Attorney.  

What does "contractor" include? 

  • Providers of goods and services (vendors); 
  • Providers of public works/construction services; 
  • Consultants;  
  • Subcontractors and subconsultants;  
  • A person engaged to work as an employee, temporary employee or other working arrangement with any group listed above. 

What does "volunteer" include? 

  • Any individual donating time or service to a department of the City of Seattle. 

What are next steps? 

By Dec. 5, 2021, businesses this Executive Order applies to will need to submit an attestation form declaring they have verified evidence of vaccination for every contractor subject to the vaccination requirement.  

The City is still developing the attestation form and other materials. The City will release these materials by Nov. 1, 2021. Materials will be available on this site.

Where are vaccinations available? 

Please visit the COVID-19 vaccine page to find places to get vaccinated. 

If you have questions, please contact