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9.060 - Firearms

Effective Date: 03/01/22

This policy applies to all employees required to carry a firearm in the course of their duties.


1. Sworn Employees Acting in an Official Capacity as a Seattle Police Officer Will Carry a Department-Authorized Firearm

While on duty, and during off-duty employment as Seattle police officers, sworn employees will carry a firearm that meets the firearm specifications listed in the Equipment Reference Catalog (ERC) or that has been authorized as a specialty firearm by the employee’s bureau chief.

Exception: Sworn employees are not required to be armed during administrative, non-enforcement duties or in areas where firearms are prohibited such as weapons-free training zones, jails, prisons, etc.

The department will not require sworn employees to work without a firearm except as provided by their collective bargaining agreement.

While off-duty and not acting as a Seattle police officer, sworn employees may choose whether to be armed. If armed while off-duty under the authority of the Seattle Police Department, sworn employees will only carry department-authorized firearms.

Sworn employees armed while off-duty with a firearm that is not department-authorized will comply with all laws related to the possession and carrying of firearms.

2. Sworn Employees Will Carry Department-Issued Identification While Armed

Sworn Employees will carry either their department-issued commission card and/or badge when armed under the authority of the Seattle Police Department.

Exception: Sworn Employees working undercover are exempt from this requirement.

3. Sworn Employees Will Carry Reloads for Firearms

Sworn employees in uniform will carry a minimum of two (2) reloads for their primary sidearm.

Plainclothes officers will carry a minimum of one (1) reload.

Undercover officers have discretion on the number of reloads based on the operation.

The Firearms Training Unit recommends that officers load pistol and rifle magazines one to two rounds below the magazine’s maximum round capacity to facilitate in-battery reloads (tactical reloads).

4. Sworn Employees Will Not Modify Any Department-Authorized Firearms Without Approval

Sworn employees will not modify firearms and magazines that are owned or authorized by the department from factory stock condition. Only the Firearms Training Squad may make modifications.

5. Sworn Employees will Store Department-Authorized Firearms Properly

Sworn employees are responsible for taking reasonable precautions that their department-authorized firearms are safely stored. Sworn employees will store department-authorized firearms in such a manner as to prevent loss or access to prohibited or unauthorized persons.

6. All Sworn Employees May Apply for Assignment to the Patrol Shotgun and Rifle Programs

Sworn Employees must complete probation prior to assignment to the Patrol Shotgun or Rifle Programs.

Sworn Employees must complete the Patrol Shotgun or Patrol Rifle School and maintain qualification to deploy with the long gun.

Entrance into the Patrol Shotgun or Rifle School follows the selection process outlined in 9.060-PRO-1.

9.060-PRO-1 Patrol Shotgun/Rifle Program Selection

Firearms Training Squad (FTS)

1. Makes an announcement via internal email regarding an upcoming rifle or shotgun school.

Sworn Employee

2. Submits a memorandum to their precinct/section captain for admission into the school.

Precinct/Section Captain

3. Submits a ranked list of officers to the FTS.

Firearms Training Squad

4. Notifies selected sworn employees of training dates and times for the school.




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