7.150 - Non-Detainee Property for Safekeeping

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to all employees who submit items to the Evidence Unit for safekeeping that is not detainee property. 

1. Officers May Submit Non-Detainee Property to the Evidence Unit for Safekeeping (SKO)

The Evidence Unit will accept non-evidentiary items as safekeeping when the owner of the property is known but is unable to retain the property. (e.g., crime or accident victim).

Note: This is non-evidentiary property that is not found property.  Also see 7.020-Found Property

2. Officers Use the SKO Tag (form 12.8) When Submitting Property for Safekeeping

See 7.150-TSK-1 Officer Submitting Property to the Evidence Unit for Safekeeping

If an officer submits property for safekeeping and an SKO Tag is not completed, the officer is required to complete a  Property Release Supplement for the owner to recover their property.

3. Officers Submit SKO Firearms as Evidence

The Evidence Unit will process SKO firearms as an item of evidence. Officers will complete a Property Release Supplement releasing the firearm to the owner at the time the firearm is submitted.  (Also see 15.215-Domestic Violence Firearms)

  • The Evidence Unit (through the Public Request Unit) will complete a background check prior to releasing firearms.
    •  Exception: When the firearm is released to another Law Enforcement Agency, any background check that is performed is done at the discretion of the outside agency.
  • Officers will inform the property owner to contact the Evidence Unit prior to showing up so that background information can be obtained.
  • The background check takes 3-5 business days.
  • Once the owner is notified, they have 5 business days to pick up the firearm or the background process must start over.

4. Officers Discard Perishable Property

Officers will itemize perishable items in the Report and then discard the items.

Note: Officers may photograph items before they are discarded.

5. Officers May Screen SKO Items With the Evidence Unit

Officers may contact the Evidence Unit directly or through Communications with questions about SKO that may present a bio-hazard.

Note: Officers place SKO items into the red bio-hazard bags that may present a health risk (e.g., lice, blood or other bio-hazard).

7.150-TSK-1 Officer Submitting Property to the Evidence Unit for Safekeeping

1. Inventories property with a witness officer present.

2. Photographs SKO property and loads the image into DEMS.

3. Completes a SKO Tag (form 12.8) for items going to the Evidence Unit. Each box, bag or backpack requires a separate SKO tag.

4. Detaches the top copy of the SKO Tag and gives it to the owner.

5. Completes a Property Report listing SKO items.

6. Places a barcode evidence label on the back of the second copy of the SKO Tag.

7. Attaches the second copy of the SKO Tag to the SKO item and submits the item to the Evidence Unit.


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