7.130 – Narcotics Training Aid and Investigative Use Drug Property Release

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


1. Narcotics Detection Canine Handlers and Detectives May Check Out Narcotics for Canine Training or Investigative Use

Handlers and detectives may check out narcotics with written approval from the Narcotics Lieutenant for each checkout request. Prior to checkout, SPD Evidence shall:

  • Verify the narcotics item is no longer needed as evidence
  • Verify the narcotic item is eligible for destruction

Prior to acquiring any new Narcotics Training Aids (NTAs) or reserve narcotics, the Audit, Policy & Research Section (Compliance Section) shall inspect current NTA inventory to verify all in-service and reserve NTAs are accounted for.

See 7.130-PRO-1 Checkout of NTAs and Investigative Use Drugs

2. Handlers Shall Secure All Investigative Use Drugs and Narcotics Training Aids (NTAs)

The Narcotics Section shall store investigative use drugs and NTAs in their unit safe when not in use. Only the unit sergeant and lieutenant shall have access to this safe.

Exception: NTAs assigned to an individual handler may be secured in a portable lock box within an alarmed vehicle.

The Narcotics Section shall maintain the Release of Evidence (form 13.1) in the unit safe until the drugs are disposed of.

3. Handlers Maintain NTAs in the Condition Established During Acquisition

Handlers shall maintain NTAs in the original sealed narcotics envelope. The handler will report broken seals to the Narcotics Sergeant upon discovery and the Compliance Section during the quarterly NTA audit.

The Compliance Section shall maintain an inventory log of all NTAs. The Compliance Section shall maintain a master inventory log documenting custody of:

  • All reserve NTAs and investigative use drug reserves
  • All NTAs logged out to handlers
  • All other NTAs or investigative use drugs otherwise logged out to the Narcotics Section

Compliance Section shall provide copies of the logs to the Narcotics Section during quarterly audits.

4. Handlers May Only Modify NTAs During Audits

Handlers may transfer, reassign, or create new NTAs from reserve narcotics and/or narcotics acquired through evidence in the presence of:

  • The Narcotics Canine Handler
  • The Narcotics Sergeant
  • A member of the Compliance Section)

5. Handlers Store and Record NTAs Rotated Out of Service

Compliance Section shall account for all NTAs rotated out of service and perform a field test on 10% of these NTAs.

After field testing, the NTAs shall be sealed in the Narcotics Unit safe and destroyed during the next scheduled drug burn. The Narcotics Section shall keep records of all NTAs rotated out of service.

6. Handlers and Detectives Document any Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Narcotics

The handler, through their chain of command, will send a memo to the Homeland Security and Metro Special Response Section Captain and the Compliance Section Captain if training narcotics are lost, stolen or destroyed.

The memo will contain:

  • Description of the narcotics
  • Description of how the narcotics were lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Efforts to find the narcotics
  • Report Number if a Report completed

7.130-PRO-1 Checkout of Narcotics Training Aids (NTAs) and Investigative Use Drugs

Narcotics Canine Handler or Detective

1. Obtains written approval from the Narcotics Lieutenant to acquire new NTAs

2. Contacts the Evidence Unit and selects narcotics.

Chief Evidence Warehouser

3. Assists the canine handler or detective in picking narcotics for conversion to NTAs/investigative use drugs.

Narcotics Sergeant

4. Contacts the Compliance Section Audit Sergeant to arrange a date to acquire the narcotics from the Evidence Unit.

5. Verifies the appropriate personnel are available for the acquisition date, to include:

  • Chief Evidence Warehouser
  • Narcotics Canine Handler or Detective
  • Narcotics Sergeant
  • Compliance Section Audit Detective and/or Sergeant

Compliance Section

6. Monitors the narcotics acquisition.