7.090 - Photographic Evidence

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to Employees who create, collect and submit photographic evidence.

1. Employees Will Not Create, Store, or Transfer Photographic Evidence for Personal Use

2. Employees Upload Photographs They Create Into the Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Exception: If DEMS is not functioning or rejects any image. See 7.090-PRO-1

Exception: Non-evidentiary photographs.

Exception: Use of force photographs are uploaded per Title 8.

3. Employees May Temporarily Store Photographic Evidence on a Department Computer After the Photographs Have Been Uploaded to DEMS

Photographic evidence may be temporarily stored on a Department computer to meet an operational need. Once the photographic evidence is no longer needed, the employee must remove the photographic evidence from the Department computer.

4. Employees Upload Photographs to DEMS Before Printing

Employee-created photographic evidence must be submitted to DEMS prior to being printed. See 7.090-PRO-2 on obtaining an “official” printed photograph.

Exception: The Latent Print Unit may print photographs for comparison value from digital imaging software outside of DEMS.

5. The Photographic Services Unit is Responsible for the Retention and Disposition of Photographs Submitted to DEMS

6. Photographic Evidence NOT Created by a Department Employee Will be Submitted to the Evidence Unit

Copy photographic evidence obtained through other means onto a CD and submit to the Evidence Unit per 7.090-PRO-3.

Exception: Employees may enter photographic evidence into DEMS that is:

  • Associated with a Department investigation, and
  • Is created by another law enforcement agency

7. Employees Use Department-Supplied Devices and Media Cards to Capture Photographic Evidence

Devices must produce images with 10 megapixel resolution for best evidentiary value.

Exception: In case of exigent circumstances, an employee may use a privately-owned device to capture photographic evidence. See 7.090-PRO-4

An employee’s privately-owned device used to create photographic evidence may be subject to a court order or subpoena, or a public disclosure request.

If photographic evidence is captured by an employee on a privately-owned device the employee will not download the media card onto a Department computer or other device.

8. Media Cards Will Contain Images From a Single Report Number

Employees will capture images from only one Report onto a single media card.

9. Employees Will Not Delete Evidentiary Images From a Media Card Prior to Uploading the Images to DEMS

7.090-PRO-1 Submitting photographic evidence when DEMS is not functioning or rejects any image from the media card.


1. Removes the media card from the DEMS.

2. Documents in the appropriate report the photographic evidence was created but not submitted through DEMS due to a system malfunction.

3. Completes a Photographic Media Envelope (Form 50)

4. Submits the media card in the Photographic Media Envelope to the Photographic Services Unit.

Photographic Services Unit

5. Obtains the images from the media card and uploads the images into DEMS under the appropriate Report Number.

6. Notifies the employee via email the photographic evidence is available in DEMS.

7. Returns the media card to the employee via Department mail.

7.090-PRO-2 Obtaining an “official” printed evidentiary photograph from the Photographic Services Unit for images submitted to DEMS.


1. Emails to the Photographic Service Unit (SPD PhotoLab) referencing the Report Number and requesting an “official” printed copy of the photograph(s).

Photographic Services Unit

2. Creates an “official” print and sends the print back to the requesting employee in Department mail.

7.090-PRO-3 Submitting photographic evidence not created by a Department employee.


1. Completes the evidence envelope with barcode and places the photographic media evidence in the envelope.

2. Documents that electronic evidence containing photographs was submitted in the Report.

3. Submits the envelope to the Evidence Unit.

7.090-PRO-4 Submitting photographic evidence when captured by a Department employee using a privately-owned device.


1. Documents in the Report that a non-Department device was used and the reason for the use.

2. Responds to the Photographic Service Unit in person with the device or transports the device to the Photographic Services Unit.

Photographic Services Unit

3. Transfers the images captured on the device to DEMS.

4. Returns the device to the submitting employee.