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7.070 - Converting Evidence for Department Use

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to all employees converting evidence for Department use.

1. The Seattle Police Department May Convert Evidence that Meets Criteria

The item is not needed in a judicial proceeding and;

Where there is no owner known and/or;

The item has been forfeited and;

The item is for Department use as provided by RCW 63.32 and SMC 3.28.010

2. Employees Convert Evidence per 7.070–PRO-1 Converting Property/Evidence for Department Use

3. Employees Will Not Convert Televisions with Tubes and Computers

7.070-PRO-1-Converting Evidence for Department Use


1. Searches Mark43 for the desired property.

2. When a desired item is found emails the Evidence Sergeant requesting verification of availability.

Evidence Sergeant

3. Verifies the requested item is available for conversion and reviews the completed

4. Emails the requestor that the conversion can take place.


5. Completes a Property Conversion (form 12.3a) that includes:

• The desired item,

• The intended use for the item, and

• How the item will benefit the Seattle Police Department.

6. Emails their sergeant or non-sworn supervisor with the Property Conversion (form 12.3a) attached.

Sergeant or non-sworn Supervisor

7. Approves or denies the request.

a. If approved, obtains signatures of their chain of command on the Requestor’s Property Conversion (form 12.3a).

8. If approved by the chain of command, notifies the Requestor.


9. Conducts and documents the investigation on the Property Conversion Investigation (form 12.3) and:

a. Verifies  the item is needed not for judicial proceeding, and

b. Verifies it is not listed as a missing or stolen item, and

c. Verifies the item does not have a known owner who has a legal right to have the property returned to them or has forfeited that right. (If the item is a firearm, the requestor contacts the Range.)

10. Contacts the follow-up detective, found in Versadex, to determine if the item is needed for judicial proceedings and gather any other relevant information.

11. Attaches, prints and emails copies of the following items to their sergeant or non-sworn supervisor:

  • Property Conversion Investigation (form 12.3)
  • Property Conversion (form 12.3a)
  • Report from which the item came into SPD possession
  • Property Release Supplement for item requested
  • NCIC history
  • DOL record
  • RMS record showing the case has been disposed or not assigned
  • WACIC history (if applicable)
  • A Supplement report explaining how the investigation was completed and owner contacted
  • Any other paperwork showing the item can be converted

Sergeant or non-sworn Supervisor

12 Reviews the email including the completed packet and determines whether conversion is justified and the investigation has been completed.

13. Emails the completed packet through their chain of command to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Chief Administrative Officer

14. If approved, forwards the packet to the Quartermaster.


15. Logs the item and attaches the Retained Property Tag to the packet.

16. Notes the Retained Property Tag number on the Property Conversion (form 12.3a)

17. Hand delivers the packet to the Evidence Sergeant.

Evidence Sergeant

18. Ensures the Retained Property Tag is affixed to the item and signs the Property Conversion Investigation (form 12.3).

Exception: If the item is a firearm or item for which a label would be impractical, the receiving unit maintains a control card for the item in lieu of affixing a Retained Property Tag.

19. Notifies the requestor the item is available for pickup.


20. Takes possession of the item within 60 days.

Evidence Sergeant

21. Returns completed converted packet to the Quartermaster.


22. Enters the item’s information into the SPD tracking system.

23. Forwards the packet to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Chief Administrative Officer

24. Enters the converted property number, description, unit, and estimated value in the Summit Fixed Asset System (FAS). The FAS assigns its own unique asset identification number for each item entered.

25. Retains the completed packet for 5 years plus the current year for all converted items except firearms. The paperwork for converted firearms will be permanently retained.

26. Submits an annual report of all converted/retained property to the Mayor’s Office.

27. Sends a copy of the completed packet to the unit captain.

7.070-TSK-1 Searching Mark43 for a Desired Property Item

An employee who wishes to search Mark43 for an item he or she wishes to convert to Department use:

1. Logs in to Mark43

2. Clicks the Property tab

3. Clicks (Browse) Items

4. Clicks the appropriate tab

5. Fills in information to find the desired item. (Less information will yield more results.)


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