4.015 - Restricted Time Off for a Pre-Planned Event

Effective Date: 9/18/2013


This policy applies to sworn and non-sworn employees.

1. The Department May Restrict Time Off Under Applicable Bargaining Agreements

Seattle Police Operations Center (SPOC) personnel will determine staffing needs for pre-planned events that require police services beyond normal assignment. 

Pre-planned events include but are not limited to: Fourth of July, Torchlight Parade, Seafair/Hydros and New Year’s Eve.

SPOC will announce personnel assignments for these pre-planned events in a Special Order.

2. Some Detective Positions are Exempt From Pre-Planned Events

The following units are exempt from pre-planned events:

  • Homicide/Assault detectives designated as "next up" and "standby"
  • Force Investigation Team (FIT) detectives designated as "standby" by the FIT commander.
  • Arson/Bomb Squad detectives
  • Traffic Collision Investigation Section detectives designated as “standby”
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) unit detectives designated as “standby”
  • Undercover officers who do not have secondary work permits

Bureau Chiefs will submit a list of exempt employees under their command to SPOC by January 31st of every year.

Section Captains will notify SPOC of changes to this list as they occur.

3. Bureau Chiefs Review Requests for Personal Exemptions

Bureau Chiefs will give priority to employee personal requests of a serious or significant nature.

See 4.015-PRO-1 Requesting a Personal Exemption From a Pre-Planned Event

4. Employees With an Exemption Will Not Work Off-Duty the Day of the Event

4.015-PRO-1-Requesting a Personal Exemption From a Pre-Planned Event


1. Submits a Request for Authorized Absence (form 2.23) requesting the exemption through their chain of command with supporting documentation by January 31st.

Note: Employees requesting a personal exemption for an emergent situation will submit the request when practical.

Employee’s Chain of Command

2. Approves or denies through Captain/Director.

If approved, forwards the request to the Special Operations Bureau Chief by February 10th.

If denied, informs the employee through the chain of command.

Special Operations Bureau Chief

3. Approves or Denies the request.

If approved, the Bureau Chief forwards the request to the Deputy Chief.

If denied, informs the employee through the chain of command.


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