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3.090 - Employee Recognition Awards Program

Effective Date: 9/1/2003


The Seattle Police Department Employee Recognition Awards Program will formally recognize and reward exceptional performance and outstanding contributions made by the sworn and non-sworn employees of this Department during each calendar year, and the process will be guided by our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

I. Eligibility

A. All permanent, full time or part time Seattle Police Department employees or temporary employees having at least 3 years with the Department are eligible to participate in the Awards Program.

II. Awards Process

A. Employee Recognition Committee (ERC)

1. An Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) shall be established to oversee the Employee Recognition Awards Program.

2. The Human Resources Bureau will select the ERC members and have lead responsibility for the Committee. The ERC should have representatives from each of the bureaus which may include non-sworn , sworn, management and support staff members of the ERC will serve 3 year terms.

3. The ERC will meet as needed and as determined by the Human Resources Bureau to initiate the nomination process, review nominations, select the award recipients, and coordinate the awards ceremony.

B. Award Categories

1. Medal of Valor

a. Awarded to sworn employees who knowingly perform conspicuous acts of courage under life threatening circumstances so that others might live.

2. Medal of Courage

a. Awarded to non-sworn employees who take action during an emergency with the intent to save a life, help the injured, or assist law enforcement.

3. Outstanding Public Service

a. An individual recognized for going above and beyond the expectations of their position which impacted a problem, issue or event.

4. Excellence

a. Consistently demonstrated exceptional work performance which made positive contributions to the Department.

5. Community Ambassador

a. Cultivated a productive working relationship between community members and the Seattle Police Department.

6. Inspirational

a. Consistently promoted a can-do approach which inspired others to achieve performance excellence.

7. Innovation

a. Developed a creative solution to a long standing problem which embodied the characteristics of courage, risk-taking and/or perseverance.

Note: The ERC may add, delete, or change categories or definitions as necessary.

C. Nomination Process

1. This is an employee generated awards program in which any Department employee may nominate another eligible Department employee or work group based on the seven award categories. A work group may consist of a team, work unit, squad or combination of individuals working together.

2. The ERC will publicize the Awards Program and nomination process and distribute the nomination packets throughout the Department.

3. The nominator must complete the nomination form and return it to the ERC by the specified deadline. In addition, the nomination form should include a detailed description of why the nominee qualifies for the award. The nominator is responsible for identifying two additional references. The nominator must give each reference a Nomination Reference Form to be completed by the reference and submitted to the ERC by the specified deadline.

4. At the conclusion of the nomination period, the ERC will review the nominations and select the award recipients.

D. Selection Process

1. Award nominations will be reviewed by the Nomination and Selection sub-committee of the ERC. The sub-committee will evaluate and select the finalists through a “blind selection process” in which the nominations reviewed will be absent the nominee’s identity. This will provide a consistent, unbiased and credible selection of the award recipients. The recipients will be selected based on the merits of their achievements.

2. The sub-committee will present the finalists to the full ERC who will approve the final selection for each of the categories. The award recipients will be notified, and the selections will be publicized Department-wide.

E. Awards Package

1. The Chief of Police will present the awards package to each award recipient at the annual Employee Recognition Awards ceremony. The awards package may include an engraved memento, gift certificate, paid day off and/or a certificate of appreciation. The ERC will determine the awards package on a yearly basis.


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