16.170 - Automatic License Plate Readers

Effective Date: 8/15/2012


This policy applies to the use of automatic license plate readers (ALPR) by Department employees.

1. Criminal Intelligence Section has Operational Control

The ALPR system administrator will be a member of the Technical and Electronic Support Unit (TESU).

2. Operators Must be Trained

Operators must be ACCESS certified and trained in the proper use of ALPR.

  • Training will be administered by TESU and Parking Enforcement, as applicable.

3. ALPR Operation Shall be for Official Department Purposes

ALPR may be used during routine patrol or any criminal investigation.

4. Only Employees With ACCESS Level 1 Certification May Access ALPR Data

Employees are permitted to access ALPR data only when the data relates to a specific criminal investigation.

  • A record of requests to review stored ALPR data will be maintained by TESU.