16.020 - Alley Closure

Effective Date: 11/20/2007


SeaTran has authority to close designated alleys during certain time periods for reasons of public safety. Department employees who encounter alleys that may be appropriate for closure under this authority should submit a request for closure through their chain of command to SeaTran.

I. Request for Alley Closure

A. Complete a Memorandum and send it to the Director of SeaTran through your chain of command. The Memorandum should include;

1. Location of the alley and time of day the criminal activity is taking place.

2. Type of criminal activity occurring in the alley. Include any enforcement action that has taken place and how closing the alley will assist in decreasing criminal activity.

3. A list of property owners or business owners adjoining the alley who have been contacted about the alley closure. Include their concerns or comments on the proposed closure.

II. Enforcement of Closed / Posted Alleys

A. After SeaTran posts alley closure signs on an alley, officers may take enforcement action.

B. Individuals in the alley during the hours of closure are in violation of SMC 11.40.430 Prohibited entry to no-admittance area. This is a non-traffic crime and will be handled with a General Offense Report or a physical booking.

1. When an individual is contacted in a closed alley, tell them the alley is closed, and give them the opportunity to leave.

2. If they remain or return to the alley during the hours of closure, they may be arrested.

C. Persons Exempt from the Ordinance

1. Owners and occupants of the abutting properties and their guests.

2. Agents of utilities with facilities in the alley or serving abutting properties.

3. Government employees and emergency personnel in the performance of their duties.

4. Individuals who have obtained a street use permit issued pursuant to SMC Title 15.