15.010 - Arson Investigations

Effective Date: 11/20/2007


The Arson/Bomb Squad has the responsibility, along with the Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Unit, to conduct on-scene and follow-up investigations of arson or suspicious fires, any fire resulting in death or life threatening injury, and fire bombings related to civil disturbances.

I. Officer Responsibilities

A. When responding to a fire call, contact the Fire Department supervisor in charge at the scene to determine the nature and severity of the fire.

1. If the fire has been determined to be arson, suspicious in nature, or has resulted in the serious injury or death of any person:

a. Contact a police sergeant, who will screen the incident and notify the Arson/Bomb Squad.

B. Write a General Offense Report for all of the following, unless advised otherwise by an Arson/Bomb Squad sergeant:

1. Arson fires,

2. Fires of unknown or suspicious origin,

3. Fires which have resulted in the death or serious injury of any person,

4. Fires that appear to involve malicious intent, no matter the size of the fire or value of property damaged.

C. If you have arrived on the scene of a fire which is out, or is easily extinguished, Fire Department response shall still be requested.