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13.015 - Collision Review Board

Effective Date: 04/01/2015


This policy applies to all collisions involving Department vehicles. The Collision Review Board (CRB) will make recommendations to the Chief of Police, who will then make a disposition.

1. The Captain of the Traffic Section, or Designee, Shall Chair the CRB

2. The Chair Will Appoint the Other Members of the CRB

a. Voting Members are:

* Two Sergeants

* One Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO) Supervisor

* Three Officers

b. Non-Voting Advisors are:

* Traffic Section administrative assistant

* Two standing advisors, one each from:

- Traffic Collision Investigation Squad (TCIS)

- Education & Training Section

* Other advisors, as needed

3. Four Voting Members Compose a Quorum

The Chair, who acts as a tiebreaker, and these four members are required to be present before any Board business may be conducted.

4. The CRB Reviews all Collisions that Involve All SPD Employees, Sworn and Non-Sworn

5. The CRB Will Notify the Involved Employee and his/her Bureau Chief of the Initial Determination and the Officer’s Right of Appeal

No discipline or re-training will be imposed on the involved employee until a review by the CRB is conducted, with the final determination made by the Chief of Police.

6. The Chair Will Notify the Involved Employee of the Initial Finding of the CRB Within Seven Days

See 13.015-TSK-1.

7. The Involved Employee Will Notify the Chair of Their Intent to Appeal a Finding Within Fifteen Days

See 13.015-TSK-3.

13.015-PRO-1 Conducting a Collision Review Board (CRB)

CRB Chair

1. Contacts the members of the Board.

2. Convenes the Board.

3. Reviews all collisions and appeals that are ready for review.

4. With the members of the Board, determines the finding of a collision.

5. Submits, via Blue Team, the Board’s findings to the involved employee’s bureau chief.

a. See 13.015-TSK-1 and 13.015-TSK-2.

Bureau Chief

6. Reviews findings of the CRB.

7. Makes a determination as to the final outcome of the investigation (preventable/non-preventable, etc.)

a. If this determination is different from the initial finding of the CRB, notifies the involved employee within 7 days.

8. Makes a recommendation as to any possible discipline or re-training.

9. Forwards recommendation to the Chief of Police.

Chief of Police

10. Determines any possible discipline or re-training.

13.015-TSK-1 CRB Chair’s Tasks for Preventable Collisions

After convening the CRB, the Chair:

1. Notifies the involved employee of the results of the CRB within seven days, by Department email.

a. Includes date of finding and the involved employee’s right to appeal within 15 days of the date of the notification.

2. Notifies, by Department email, the involved employee’s section/precinct and bureau chief or civilian manager.

3. Includes, in the finding, the number of previous preventable collisions for the involved employee.

4. In the event of an appeal of findings, coordinates a complete review of the incident at the next Board meeting. See 13.015-TSK-3-Involved Employee’s Tasks for Appealing a CRB Finding

5. If the appeal results in a reclassification of findings, notifies the involved employee by Department email.

6. Notes the appeal reclassification in the CRB file, if applicable.

13.015-TSK-2 CRB Chair’s Tasks for Non-Preventable Collisions

After convening the CRB, the Chair:

1. Notifies the involved employee of the results of the CRB within seven days by Department email.

2. Notifies, by Department email, the involved employee’s section/precinct and bureau chief or civilian manager.

13.015-TSK-3 Involved Employee’s Tasks for Appealing a CRB Finding

In Appealing a CRB Finding, an Involved Employee:

1. Sends a written request for an appeal (in SPD memorandum form) addressed to the CRB Chair (within 15 days of the notification of the finding).

2. Attends the full review as coordinated by the CRB Chair.

a. In lieu of an in-person appearance, submits a complete statement as to the facts of the collision, which becomes part of the CRB file


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