12.120-SPD Tableau Report

Effective Date: 110118


Tableau is the common Business Intelligence (BI) solution for the City of Seattle. The Seattle Police Department utilizes Tableau to visualize operational, as well as internal, performance analysis.

This policy outlines appropriate use of reports or “dashboards” held in the Tableau Server and the process for sharing, requesting, approving, developing and deploying new reports.

1. Access to Tableau Reports is Controlled

SPD Personal will submit a Change Request form to obtain access to Tableau Reports.

There are three levels of security for Tableau Reports.

Low Security – Data which is not sensitive. Data or report findings may be of a law enforcement sensitive nature but no additional authorization is required. Examples include:

- Response Time Analysis

- Calls for Service Analysis

- Completed Crimes Analysis

Medium Security – Data sensitive but not immediately critical to active investigations. Such data or reports may include personnel performance data.  Routine access is limited to an employee’s direct chain of command. Examples include:

- Completed Complaint Data

- Training Records

- Employee Performance (duty specific)

High Security – Data which is strictly confidential at all levels of the organization. Only the Chief of Police (or his or her designee) may grant access to this data. Examples include:

- Active Complaint Data

- Active Investigation Data

2. Tableau Users Comprise Two Groups, Consumers and Analyst/Administrators

Consumers:  Employees who may view and interact with reports in accordance with their permissions.

Analysts / Administrators:  Employees with required training and permissions who will design reports and administer the Tableau environment.

3. Captains, Non-sworn Equivalents, and Above May Request the Creation of Reports.

SPD personnel will submit a Change Request to request a Tableau report and or data development.

Any SPD employee may request specific reports; however, requests require approval from the employee’s Section/Precinct Commander, non-sworn equivalent or above.

See: 12.120-TSK-1 Department Employee Requesting the Creation of a Report

4. Tableau Report Content is Controlled

Employees will not share reports outside of SPD without the approval of their lieutenant, non-sworn equivalent, or above. Reports containing personal identifying information may not be released without approval from the Legal Unit.

12.120-TSK-1 Department Employee Requesting the Creation of a Report

When requesting the creation of a Tableau report, the employee:

1. Obtains a captain or the non-sworn equivalent approval via their chain of command.

2. Completes a Change Request.

The Change Request form must include:

- In the Name of Application field write, “New Tableau Report-<name of report>”

- Requestor Name

- Requested Date

- Needed by Date

- Reason for Change

- Priority

- Cost of not completing the request

- Intended audience for the report

- Specific information that is required before the report can be promoted to production (published).

3. Submits form.