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12.070 - Department Publications

Effective Date: 02/01/2015

12.070 – POL

This policy pertains to the publications issued by the Department.

1. Manuals Provide Procedural Guidance for the Daily Operation of Department Employees

The Compliance Section shall publish and maintain the Seattle Police Department Manual.

The electronic version of the Manual is the most current and takes precedence over any printed version.

All iterations of the Manual will be archived by the Compliance Section.

Employees may submit suggested changes to the Manual via email to the Compliance Section, or memo.

Captains/lieutenants may publish and maintain Section/Unit Manuals.

Section/Unit Manuals shall apply to the employees assigned to that section/unit.

Sections and units that have manuals shall forward them to the Compliance Section.

2. Directives Address Changes in Policy, Forms and Uniforms

The Compliance Section shall publish all Departmental Directives.

Departmental Directives must be approved by the Chief of Police (or designee) prior to publication.

Directives will be distributed on the third Wednesday of each month via the SPD eDirectives system. They will also be available on SPD InWeb.

Directives will remain effective for the current year plus one, or until incorporation into the Manual. Interim policies will remain in effect until retracted or a permanent policy is adopted.

Policies take effect on the first day of the month following directive day. 

3. Special Orders Notify all Assigned Personnel of Special Events, Mandatory Training and all Other Special Assignments

The Assistant Chief of the Patrol Operations Bureau will issue and maintain any Special Orders concerning staffing for regularly scheduled sporting events.

The Education & Training Section Captain will issue and maintain the Special Orders for mandatory training conducted by the Section.

The Operations & Planning Section Captain will issue and maintain all Special Orders for Bureau-wide or Department-wide assignment of personnel as directed by the Chief of Police.

Special Orders shall be distributed to the entire Department via Department e-mail.

4. Personnel Orders Announce the Official Appointment, Promotion, Transfer of Assignment, Classification Change, Name Change or Separation of Employees

The Director of Human Resources shall be responsible for the publication and distribution of Personnel Orders.

5. Department Notices Contain General Information for all Department Employees

The Assistant Chief of the Field Support Bureau shall be responsible for the publication and distribution of Department Notices.

6. Training Digest is a Publication Listing the Best Practices in Law Enforcement

The Compliance Section will be responsible for the publication and distribution of the Training Digest.

The Training Digest will be sent out via the eDirectives system on the third Wednesday of each month.

A link to archived digests will be available on SPD InWeb.

Employees who wish to contribute to possible Training Digest topics may do so by e-mailing the Compliance Section.


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