12.045 - Booking Photo Comparison Software

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to the usage of any software capable of biometric processing (facial or human recognition,) including Booking Photo Comparison Software (BPCS.) The intent is to regulate the use of this technology to allow for legitimate law enforcement purposes while protecting privacy.

1. Usage of BPCS is Limited to the Comparison of Unidentified Images to Booking Photos

BPCS may only be used in an attempt to identify a person whom an officer reasonably suspects may be involved in criminal activity.

2. Only Department-Trained Photo Unit Personnel Will Use BPCS

3. Any Agency Requesting SPD Assistance with an Investigation Must Satisfy all Criteria in this Manual Section

4. BPCS may Not be Used to Connect with ‘Live’ Camera Systems

5. The Photo Unit Maintains BPCS Statistics and Data

All data governing the usage of this system is retained for a period of 42 months. See 12.045-PRO-2

6. No Personnel may use BPCS to Identify Individuals for Identification Purposes who do not Meet the Listed Criteria

12.045-PRO-1 Procedures for Using BPCS to Identify a Possible Suspect

The Officer/Detective

1. Establishes a reasonable suspicion that there is a suspect involved in criminal activity

2. Contacts the SPD Photo Unit with the Number, if applicable

3. Presents the captured image of a possible suspect to Photo Unit personnel

Photo Unit Personnel

4. Download the image into BPCS

5. Using the software, compare this captured image to those stored in a booking photo database

6. Present the images of any possible suspect(s) to the investigating officer/detective

7. Retain certain BPCS data

See 12.045-PRO-2

The Officer/Detective:

8. Uses the possible suspect image(s) to further an investigation

12.045-PRO-2 Procedures for Retention and Auditing of BPCS Data

Photo Unit Personnel

1. Retain all data associated with BPCS for a period of 42 months

2. Maintain a log at the BPCS workstation which records the following information:

- Date of inquiry

- Name of operator making inquiry

- Name of officer requesting inquiry

- Description of incident that satisfies all the criteria in this manual section

- Number, if applicable

Compliance Section Personnel

3. Audit all usage of BPCS on an annual basis