11.040 – Booking Adult Detainees into a Detention Facility

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to employees who book adult detainees into a detention facility.

1. Officers will Complete an Electronic Superform (Ingress/E-Superform) for all Adult Bookings into the King County Jail and the Regional Justice Center

Exception: If the Ingress/eSuperform is not functioning due to a system outage, then the King County Jail Commander may authorize the use of paper Superforms. Officers will send a copy of the paper Superform to the Data Center.

2. Officers will Complete the Probable Cause Statement on the E-Superform

Exception: Warrant-only arrests do not require a probable cause statement.

3. Officers Shall Mark “Object to Release” and Articulate Their Reasoning Under Certain Circumstances

When screening an arrest with a sergeant, officers shall explain why they do or do not object to the release of the subject.  Sergeant shall ensure that officers object to the release of subjects who meet any of the criteria listed directly below.  Sergeants shall document this in the Arrest Screening Supplement on the Report. 

Under the following circumstances, officers shall mark “object to release:”

- The suspect, based on past history and the nature of the crime, poses a danger to the public.

- The victim(s) and/or witness(es) have legitimate fear of retaliation.

- The suspect was armed with a firearm during the commission of the crime.

- The suspect is a known gang-member or has ties to a gang.

- The suspect has recently been released from a correctional facility.

- The suspect is likely to fail to appear for court (flight risk.) Relevant factors to consider include:

- The suspect’s history of response to legal process.

- The suspect’s employment status, enrollment in school or vocational training, participation in a counseling or treatment program, performance of volunteer work in the community, and receipt of financial assistance from the government.

- The suspect’s family ties and relationships.

- The length of the suspect’s residence in the community.

- The suspect’s criminal record.

- The nature of the crime committed.

4. If an Officer is Booking a Detainee for a Felony Crime, Then they Will Not Include Additional Misdemeanor Charges

Officers will articulate the probable cause for charging misdemeanor crimes in the Report if there are additional misdemeanor crimes involved with the felony booking.

5. Officers May Add a New Misdemeanor or Felony Warrant to the Superform for Either a Misdemeanor or Felony Booking