1.090 - Ticket Chain of Custody

Effective Date: 01/16/2013


This policy applies when tracking the custody of paper tickets through the various channels of custody throughout the Seattle Police Department.

1. The Quartermaster (QM) Shall Maintain The Ticket Supply

QM shall maintain an adequate supply of Criminal Citations, Notice of Infractions (NOI), Traffic Contact Reports (TCR), and Parking Violations.

2. The Compliance Section Shall Approve All Ticket Orders -See 1.090-PRO-1 Approving Ticket Orders

3. Stationmasters Shall Control Tickets at the Precinct/Section Level -See 1.090-PRO-2 Issuing Tickets to Officers

Only the stationmaster/designee can issue tickets from precincts supplies.

Each precinct shall have a procedure to obtain tickets during non-business hours.

4. Officers Are Responsible For All Tickets Issued to Them

Officers shall retain copies of all tickets issued to them:

  • "LEA" copies of NOIs and Criminal Citations
  • Copies of Parking Violations and TCRs.

Officers shall turn in LEA and TCR officer copies to their sergeant upon completing a ticket book.

  • If the officer cannot account for an LEA copy, they shall submit a memorandum in its place.
  • Precincts will file these in the precinct centralized storage location for these documents for
    • 3 years plus current year for NOIs and Criminal Citations
    • 1 year plus current year for TCRs.

1.090-PRO-1 Approving Ticket Orders


1. Sends one book selected from a batch order of tickets to the Compliance Section

Compliance Section Detective

2. Inspects ticket book for quality.

3. Sends a memorandum to the QM for approval of the order.

4. Retains the ticket book within the Compliance Section for 3 years plus the current year.


5. Generates a Case Lot Roster for the tickets.

6. Creates a Ticket Book Register for each book within the batch.

7. Retains the Case Lot Roster for 5 years plus the current year.

1.090-PRO-2 Issuing Tickets to Officers


1. Orders tickets from the Quartermaster.


2. Provides tickets in Case Lots to the Stationmaster.


3. Signs the Case Lot Roster prior to taking custody of tickets.

4. Returns any non-serviceable tickets to the QM upon discovery with a memorandum of explanation.

5. Issues tickets to officers upon request.


6. Records each book into the Ticket Book Register prior to issuance.

7. Removes the ticket book receipt from book prior to issuance.

8. Provides officer with the ticket book.

9. Sends all ticket receipts along with a copy of the ticket book register to the Professional Standards Section once all ticket books on the register are issued.