The Seattle Police Department Code of Ethics

As an employee of the Seattle Police Department, my actions will be guided by the following principles: Justice, Excellence, Humility and Harm Reduction. Our department goals focus on preventing and fighting crime, community policing, and harm reduction. We pursue these goals via time tested tactics, available research, innovation, training and partnering with the community.

As a police employee entrusted by my community to protect all of our community (police department employees and community members alike), I will strive to display the values of:

Justice - I will treat people fairly and act in good faith. I will work toward racial and social justice for all.

Excellence - I will not be satisfied with the status quo. I will review all systems and processes with an eye towards improvement, efficiency, and professionalism. When I attend training or review new policies I will strive to master the material because I recognize that training leads to competency.

Humility - I will learn from both positive and negative experiences and share what I learn with others. I will listen to what other people are saying, ask questions and consider their concerns.

Harm Reduction - I will commit to exploring new ways to improve public safety while reducing harm to communities and individuals. I will think outside the box and look for long-term and sustainable solutions while partnering with others.

Service - The common thread tying these four principles together is service. Service is the first word on my shoulder patch and I will keep service to our community as my first priority. I will provide that service with pride and dedication.

Crime prevention and crime fighting are integral parts of our mission. Effective crime fighting requires community policing. Community policing requires both the police department and community members to take responsibility for involving each other in our efforts. Community trust is built one transaction at a time. Police employees and community members who work together strengthen that bond and can build safer, stronger, and more compassionate communities. Harm reduction represents an acknowledgement that there are competing interests, demands, and strains on our social structures that create particularly challenging opportunities for law enforcement. These opportunities include finding long-term sustainable ways to reduce the harm caused by various challenges within our community. Making the most of these opportunities takes strong bonds of trust between police and the communities we serve.

As a Seattle Police employee I am responsible for supporting the mission and principles of the Seattle Police Department.


Adrian Diaz, Chief of Police
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