The Planning Commission advises the city on its efforts to develop policies and action plans to make Seattle's transportation system accessible and convenient for transit users, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and freight and to encourage smart transportation choices by providing people with options.


Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement

For the past several years, we have participated in reviewing plans for replacement of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and redevelopment of the Central Waterfront. During various stages of the planning process we provided recommendations to City Council, the Mayor, and the Governor.  These recommendations can be viewed below.

July 21, 2004 - Recommendations on the alternatives for the Alaskan Way Viaduct Project.

June 2004 - Planning Commission and Design Commission Joint letter on our shared position on the Alaskan Way Viaduct Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

Plus an abbreviated list of joint principles regarding the Alaskan Way Viaduct Project, and a detailed list of both Commissions' comments.

Also see -  WSDOT Viaduct Project Homepage  and Seattle Department of Transportation - Planning Homepage

Maintenance and Improvements of Transportation Systems

August 2011 - we supported new revenues to maintain City streets, add important safety measures, optimize existing transit service and construct the important downtown Rapid Streetcar connection and high capacity transit for the Ballard or Eastlake corridors.  Read our August 10, 2011 recommendations.

July 2006 - Our letter of support for the King County Transit Now proposal -  Transit Now!

Multimodal Plans

Commission Responds to Bicycle Master Plan Draft, July 2013

New vision "Riding a bicycle is a comfortable and integral part of daily life in Seattle for people of all ages and abilities."

We are pleased to see many of the elements of the plan and share the new vision for bicycling in Seattle. We have evaluated each part of the plan and have several recommendations that will make the plan stronger. Read our recommendations!

Parking Policies

Commuter Parking Near Light Rail Stations -

February 2010 - Our advice regarding commuter parking near Seattle's light rail station.

Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) Legislation -

May 2009 - We provided recommendations to the City Council on proposed changes to the RPZ policy.

June 2008 - Our comments to SDOT on the department's draft recommendations of the Residential Parking Zone policy.

Seattle Transit Communities

Starting with the release of our Seattle Transit Communities Report in 2010 we have promoted a citywide transit communities strategy.  This strategy would support more inclusive, affordable, and diverse neighborhoods and help maximize investment in major transit projects by locating housing, jobs, and services close enough to transit so that more people will have a faster and more convenient way to travel. 

A transit community is a place where a neighborhood is integrated with transit, where coordinated public and private investments improve neighborhood quality, and where proactively planning for change can create or enhance a place where people of all ages and income levels can live in a complete community and access frequent, reliable transit.   If you are interested in learning more about our Seattle Transit Communities work.

Since 2010 we have worked with City Council and the Mayor to incorporate this language and values into the Comprehensive Plan, our guiding growth document, and our work is chronicled below.

Planning Commission Chair David Cutler talks about Transit Communities at March 14th, 2013 Public Hearing.

Written notes of Chair Cutler's comments

Seattle Transit Communities - A Citywide Strategy to Integrate Neighborhoods with Transit - A report to Seattle City Council. Our March 4, 2013 report explains what a transit community is, why a citywide strategy is important, and details the initial proposed Comprehensive Plan amendment.  It also records the outreach and engagement that has informed the proposed strategy and summarizes feedback the Commission has received about the proposed transit communities Comprehensive Plan amendment.

Our February 7th, 2013 comments and recommendations on the proposed 2012-2013 Comprehensive Plan amendments include proposed revisions to Transit Communities proposal DPD submitted to Council.

On November 29th, 2012 the Executive released its report with analysis and recommendations on the Commission transit communities' proposal.   DPD included significant changes to the Commissions original proposal in their Director's report.  DPD's proposal became the Mayor's proposed recommendation for final adoption.

On September 24, 2012 we offered a proposal to DPD that defines a strong framework in the Comprehensive Plan as a first step in implementing a citywide transit community strategy.

Tools and Policies for Promoting Social Equity in Seattle Transit Communities. In 2012 we commissioned research that resulted in a report that recommends tools and policies that can help promote social equity in Seattle transit communities.

June 2011 - we called for a Citywide Transit Communities Policy to maximize transit investment

Sound Transit

Since the passage of Sound Move, we have been monitoring and reviewing Sound Transit's progress in building regional transit. As well as actively assisting the City of Seattle with station area planning and reviewing the design and planning elements of the Central Link Rail.

Beginning in 2005, we started tracking the long range planning efforts known as Phase 2 of Regional Transit or "ST2".
Sound Transit ST2  - Commission weighs in on Sound Transit 2 - the next set of investments in regional transit - March 2006

The American Planning Association Station Area Workshops (1999) (PDF)

SR520 Replacement

Washington State is planning to replace the State Route 520 Bridge extending from Seattle to the eastside of the county. This corridor is critical to the region and the City of Seattle. We undertook an extensive review of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) providing comments to both Washington State Department of Transportation and the City Council.
November 2006 - Our recommended preferred alternative for the 520 Replacement.

October 2006 - Here are the results of our extensive review of the SR 520 Bridge Replacement Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

For additional information on the project you can also see - WSDOT SR 520 Bridge Replacement Project Homepage