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The Seattle Department of Human Resources provides a variety of human resource services for the City's diverse workforce. We do this so that employees are managed fairly, are well-trained, supported, and assigned job duties to accomplish City business goals in a cost-effective, efficient, and safe manner. Along with human resource services, we also provide human resource tools, expert assistance, and information to our internal and external customers.

Classification & Compensation Programs
The Classification and Compensation group is responsible for administering a uniform system for the classification of City positions, as required by the City Charter and the Municipal Code. The classification system provides fair and equitable compensation of employees for work performed.

City-Union Relations Program
The Purpose of the City-Union Relations Program is to provide technical and professional labor relations services to policy makers and City Department Management Staff so that the City's labor relations environment is effective, respectful and fair, thereby enhancing the City's ability to deliver quality public services.

Personnel Rules
The Personnel Rules are the City's officially adopted human resources policies, governing employment, classification, compensation, paid and unpaid leave programs, separation and working conditions for non-represented employees. In addition, many of the City's collectively bargained agreements default to the Personnel Rules on issues ranging from alternative dispute resolution to workplace violence prevention. The authority for the Personnel Rules resides in Seattle Municipal Code, Title 4 (Personnel).