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About the Personnel Department

General Contact Information: 206-684-7999

The City of Seattle's Personnel Department is responsible for managing programs and services related to the City's work force. Personnel administers the City's systems and programs for employee development, employment and recruiting, job classification and compensation, labor relations, benefits, safety, workers' compensation, records and information management systems, and affirmative action/EEO.

Department Mission

The Personnel Department provides the leadership and expertise to define and direct strategic Citywide human resource policies and practices.

How the Personnel Department Addresses the Mayor's Priorities

Get Seattle Moving

The Personnel Department enforces a mandatory federal Department of Transportation drug and alcohol testing program for City employees with Commercial Drivers Licenses. We also enforce the Safe Driving Ordinance to help ensure City drivers drive safely, thus helping protect all drivers on City roads.

Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

The Personnel Department continues to work with the uniformed labor organizations, City departments, and policy-makers. By providing technical and professional labor relations services, the Personnel Department ensures the City's labor relations environment is effective, respectful and fair, which enhances the City's ability to deliver quality public safety services to Seattle residents.

Build Strong Families and Healthy Communities

Personnel enhances City of Seattle employees' understanding and proper use of their benefits through the use of technology, resulting in increased efficiency, lower costs, and improved employee productivity. Employees' informed use of their wage and benefits packages contributes to the overall health of the employment environment in the City and the community.

Create Jobs and Opportunities for All

The Personnel Department continuously reviews personnel policies and practices to recommend changes that support the City's commitment to race and social justice. We also provide quality, cost-effective employee benefits, health care coverage, workers' compensation, and safety services to attract talented employees and set an example for surrounding businesses and governments. We deliver training to support unbiased employment practices and a respectful workplace.

View the 2013-2015 Personnel Department Strategic Plan.

The City of Seattle is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free Workplace