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LEOFF Police Retirement

News and Alerts:
Annual Enrollment: Retiree Annual Enrollment runs Monday, November 4 - Friday, November 22, 2019. See the annual enrollment letter; 2020 Police Retiree Rates; 2020 Most Retiree Rates; 2020 Police Under Age 65 Medical Plan Highlights; 2020 Most Under Age 65 Medical Plan Highlights; 2020 Medicare Plan Highlights; required notices and new well-being programs flyer for under age 65 retirees on the Most benefit program.

Please contact the Benefits Unit at or (206) 615-1340 if you have questions or wish to change medical plans.

The Law Enforcement Officers' Retirement System is a defined benefit plan that provides a secure, formula-driven income for retirement. Not sure which plan you are in? Plan participation is determined by when you first became a member.

  • LEOFF Plan 1 is for employees who became members before October 1, 1977.
  • LEOFF Plan 2 is for employees who first became members on or after October 1, 1977.

Go to the Washington State Department of Retirement System webpage at for information on the following:

  • Disability Benefits
  • Plan Handbooks
  • Military Service Credit
  • Retirement Planning Frequently Asked Questions
  • Working After Retirement
  • Purchasing Additional Service Credit and More


Police LEOFF 1

If you are a LEOFF I member and have any questions about the Police pension or retiree medical plans, contact:

Dan Oliver, Executive Director
Police Pension Office
(206) 386-1289

If you are a LEOFF I dependent and have questions about the retiree medical plans, call City of Seattle Central Benefits at (206) 615-1340.

Police LEOFF 2

Retiree Medical Plan Documents

Premium rate sheets for retired Police medical plans

2020 Rate Sheet - Police Retirees
2019 Rate Sheet - Police Retirees

2020 Rate Sheet - Most Retirees
2019 Rate Sheet - Most Retirees

Medical plan information if you are an under age 65 retiree:

You may choose from a Most or Police under age 65 retiree plan.

2020 Under Age 65 Most Retiree Medical Plan Comparison;   2020 Under Age 65 Retiree Benefits Highlights - Police

2019 Under Age 65 Most Retiree Medical Plan Comparison;   2019 Under Age 65 Retiree Benefits Highlights - Police