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Seattle City Employees' Retirement System (SCERS)

Most employees are covered by the Seattle City Employees' Retirement System (SCERS), located in the Pacific Building at 720 Third Avenue, Suite 1000. Information about this retirement plan and retiree medical plan options can be obtained by calling 386-1293.

The City's retirement plan, by State of Washington law, allows for dual membership with other plans: LEOFF Plan 2 only (Police and Fire), Washington State Patrol (WSPRS), Teachers (TRS 1 & 2), Public Employees (PERS 1 & 2) and Statewide City Employees. If you previously contributed to one of these plans and have not retired from any of these systems (or received disability leave/retirement benefits), you qualify for dual membership. Contact the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) at 360-664-7000.

The three major advantages of dual membership include:

  • You may restore service credit withdrawn from any other dual system.
  • You may combine service credit earned in all dual systems for the purpose of becoming eligible for service retirement or meeting vesting requirements.
  • You can use your highest "base salary" in a dual member system to calculate your service retirement benefit in your other dual system.

LEOFF members, contact the appropriate retirement office to discuss your individual benefit options.

  • Police - call the Police Pension Board at 206-386-9075.
  • Fire - call the Firefighters' Pension Board at 206-625-4355.
  • LEOFF II - call Central Benefits at 206-615-1340 and visit the Police and Firefighter retiree benefits pages.