Medgar Evers Pool Schedule

On June 21st, we and Rainier Beach Pool began offering lap, fitness, and recreational swimming at reduced capacity through September 5. Pre-registration is no longer be required or offered.

All sessions will be available for in person drop-in admission only, on a first come, first served basis. Admission for all swims will be sold 15 mins prior to each swim. Please keep in mind that there is a maximum capacity to swims and swims may sell out.  Please maintain 6' between your family and others while waiting in line.  

For Recreation Swims: All young children under 6 years of age and less than 4 feet tall must be accompanied by an adult in the water within arm's reach.  

Please do not come to the pool if you have COVID symptoms, have recently tested positive or have recently been exposed. Maintain 6' between your family and others while in the facility. Masks must be worn when not swimming. A health screening, which includes a temperature check, will be done as you enter the facility.

Swimming lessons will not be offered this summer.  

We encourage everyone who plans to swim regularly to update their Seattle Parks account and purchase a 10-swim pass online prior to the start of the season. This will simplify your ticket purchase and save you money! If you have ever purchased a swim pass, signed up for lessons or rented the pool, you already have an account. You can log-in with your email here. If you do not have a password, enter your email, and click "forgot password."   PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT offering the 30 Day Passes as in past seasons.  We will resume 30 Day Pass usage when operations return to normal in the future.    

Medgar Evers Schedule June 21 through Sept 5       


Day Time Details
Water Fitness             (Shallow Pool Only) Mon/Wed/Fri 1:00pm-1:45pm  
Lap Swim                (Both Pools) Mon-Fri 11:30am-12:30pm  
   Tue/Thurs 1-2pm  
  Sat/Sun 9-10am  
  Sat/Sun 10:30am-11:30am  
  Sat/Sun 12-1pm  
Lap/Recreation Swim Combo Mon - Fri 2:30pm-3:30pm  3 lap lanes, shallow ½ deep rec
   Mon - Fri 4-5pm  3 lap lanes, shallow ½ deep rec
   Mon - Fri 5:30 -6:30pm  3 lap lanes, shallow ½ deep rec
   Sat/Sun 3-4pm  3 lap lanes, shallow ½ deep rec
Recreation Swim (shallow pool only) Sat/Sun 1:30pm-2:30pm  

Fee and Charges

Recreational Swims

   Fitness Programs   
Infants (under 1 yr.) FREE Youth (1-17) $ 4.75
Youth (1 - 17) $ 4.25 Adults (18 - 64) $ 6.75
Adults (18 - 64) $ 6.25 Senior Adults (65 and older) $ 4.75
Senior Adults (65 and older) $ 4.25 Special Populations $ 4.75
Special Populations $ 4.25 Scholarship Discount Pricing* Free
Scholarship Discount Pricing*  Free    

Program Descriptions

Lap Swim is a continuous lap swim for swimmers of all ages; we divide the lanes according to speed levels.  

Adult and Senior Swim Adult and Senior Swim is time set aside for recreational swimming for adults 18 or older. We set aside one part of the pool for lap swimming and leave the rest of the pool available for less structured swimming or water fitness activities.

Deep & Shallow Water Fitness is a combined deep & shallow-water fitness class using resistance equipment that not only burns calories, but strengthens muscles while shaping and toning the entire body. This 45-minute class is great for hips, thighs, arms, and abdominals.  

Shallow Water Fitness Set to energizing music, this is a heart-pounding, muscle toning workout that is easy on your joints but still has all the benefits of a total body, aerobic workout. Participants can work at their own pace. Active class time is 45 minutes.

Recreation Swim Recreational swims are for families and children to come and play in the water. Children under 4 feet tall and/or under 6 years old will be required to have a parent stay within arm's reach of them at all times in the pool.  Only 2 younger children per parent during the swim.  A parent may bring a group of older children up to ten per adult making sure they are supervising the group.  This swim time may be shared with another program going on at the same time.  Pool toys and equipment may be used at the lifeguard's discretion. Swim tests required to enter deep end for youth under 18 and life jackets available upon request.

Please call (206) 684-4766 with questions.