Madison Pool Schedule

Helene Madison is turning 105 years old on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.  Adults and Senior Adults, please bring your favorite food to share and join us for a Pot Luck 12:15-2:30pm.  There will be a (beginning) guitar player, a fun quiz, and a Birthday Cake!  All are welcome.  We will be serving cake all day long (limited to the amount of cake we have purchased). 

Please sign up for Summer League Swim Team!  8am-9am.  29 hours of swimming, six weeks of training, 4 swim meets!  Three of the swim meets are right here at Madison Pool!  $150 and a cool T-Shirt!  Barcode 178080

Little Dogs is back for another Summer.  June 25-August 1, Monday and Wednesdays, 10-10:30am.  $75.00 and a cool T-Shirt!  Barcode 181254

What's new for Madison Pool for Summer 2018:

Sunday Parent and Child Aquatics, barcode 181233 and 181324, is at 10:30am!  This will continue into Fall 2018

Sunday morning 3 Year Old course, barcode 181353 and 181355, is at 10:30am!  This will continue into Fall 2018

Junior Lifeguard, swimmers 11-14 years old will get 2 hours of exposure to lifeguarding a day for 3 weeks, 2:30-4:30pm.  It's going to fun, interactive, and educational.  6/25-7/13 barcode 181964.  7/23-8/10 barcode 181966. 

Discount Pricing for All: Purchase a FAST PASS for 30 days of swimming.  Recreation Card = 10 swims for Lap or Public Swim at 10% off.  Fitness Card = 10 lessons for water exercise or coached swim at 10% off.  Those who meet low income eligibility can qualify for up to 90% discount in pricing!

Pool Schedule
Lap Swim T/TH 7:30 -8:30 pm (4 Lanes plus a double wide lane)
Aqua Jog Fri Noon -12:45 pm  
Deep Water Exercise M/W 7:40 -8:25pm
T/TH 11:05-11:50am
Lap Swim Sun 11am -1 pm (4 Lanes plus a double wide lane)
Sun 4:30 -5:30 pm  
Mon-Fri 12 -2:30 pm (4 Lanes plus a double wide lane)
M/W/F 6 -7 pm  
Coached Swim Sun 10 -11:00 am  6 Lanes, TWO coaches!
T/TH 6:30 -7:30 pm

5 Lanes

Pool Playland Sun Noon-1pm  (Children bring an Adult)
M-W-F 1:30-2:30pm  (Children bring an Adult)
Public Swim Sun 1 - 2 pm  
Sun 3:30 - 5:30 pm (Shallow End Only 4:30-5:30pm)
M/W 7:30 -8:30 pm (No High Dive Available)
Fri 6 -8 pm (Shallow End Only 6-7pm)
Senior Water Exercise M/W 12:05-12:50pm  (Shallow Water Exercise)
T/TH Noon-1pm (Strech and Flex Class)
Shallow Water Jogging Sun 10:05-10:50am  (Shallow Water Exercise)
Water Exercise T/TH 7:00-8:00 pm  (Shallow Water Exercise)