2020 Cal Anderson Park

Updated: May 28, 2021

Seattle Parks and Recreation is currently hosting Cal Anderson Park Activation working sessions on the first and third Friday of the month. These sessions are an opportunity to develop additional ways to support the activation and continued programming at Cal Anderson Park as a public park space. These sessions are open to the public and we would like to hear community ideas for encouraging use of the park that is compliant with current COVID-19 guidelines.

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to us at 2020CalAnderson@Seattle.gov.

Project History

The 2020 Cal Anderson Park Project was an outreach and engagement process that brought the surrounding communities together for a conversation about how changing assumptions and language can affect the design of park spaces and create a sense of belonging for everyone. What is important to our community must be reflected in our parks. 

Between August and October 2020, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) convened three virtual community meetings. In August, we began with a framing of the topic, reviewing the history of the park and discussing ideas to better create a welcoming place for all. In the second week of September we held meetings to inventory and prioritize ideas by reviewing the opportunities and constraints of the site. In the third and final meeting, we discussed implementation and piloting of immediate action items. 

Project Status

After months of community engagement, five priorities emerged to create a more inclusive park that reflects our community needs and community values: Art, Conversation Corner, Garden Program, Human Services, and Safety. This engagement and collaboration with the community continued in December 2020, as we began planning for introducing new uses and activities at the park. SPR looks forward to collaborating with community to determine next steps on bringing about programs and activities around these five identified community needs and values.   

Community Participants: Cal Anderson Park Alliance, Friends of Seattle Olmsted Parks, AIDS Memorial Pathway (AMP), Black Star Farmers, Gender Justice League, Capitol Hill Farmers Market, Capitol Hill Eco-District, Seattle Parks Foundation, King County NAACP, UW College of Built Environments, Seattle Central College, The Northwest School, The GSBA, Hunters Capital, Gerding Edlen, Hugo House Apartments, Capitol Hill Station Apartments, Sunset Electric Apartments and a number of other community members. 

Community Virtual Meeting Summaries


Cal Anderson Park1635 11th Avenue, 98122

Community Participation

2020 Cal Anderson Park Public Outreach Plan

August Community Conversation

Rico Quiridongo, of DLR Group, presented the background of the park and the project and gathered input on community initiatives. Over 120 people participated each day. Both online meetings were recorded and can be viewed here: 

September Community Conversation

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October Community Conversation

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