Magnolia Trails Feasibility Study

Updated: September 13, 2018

Fall 2018

Representatives from Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) met with the Magnolia Trails Committee to discuss the next steps for completion of the bicycle trail. The Committee asked SPR/SDOT to fund and manage this project. While the greenway connection is supported and is feasible, it is unfunded. Therefore, neither department can add it to current Capital project lists.

The committee was encouraged to continue work on this important connection.

Seattle Bicycle Master Plan
SDOT Bicycle Master Plan website

Phase Two of this project is completed. This phase included analysis by a wetland biologist, potholing a water main, communication conduits and underground electrical utilities in the area and completing a topographic survey.  Last summer the team met with City of Seattle permit staff to identify a path to completion. In the proposed project area many environmental critical areas (ECAs) exist and were identified. These areas include: potential landslide, steep slope, wetland, and shoreline areas. The coaching will identify scope for future reports to support the required permit process, finalize trail alignment and costs.


Between the west end of W Marina Pl up to W Galer St 


$50,000 Neighborhood Matching Fund: Planning (Phase One) and technical analysis (Phase Two)


Completion: Phase One - February 2017; Phase Two - March 2017

Project Description

Thank you Seattle! The Phase One Neighborhood Matching Fund project is complete.

Phase One project goals completed in early 2016:

  • Understand the technical conditions within the study area.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of building a trail for people on bikes and walking to connect between Upper Magnolia/Magnolia Village and Smith Cove Park/Downtown destinations.
  • Identify permitting pathways, costs and issues needing further study.
  • Provide as many "wins" for as many stakeholders as possible.

Phase Two project goals completed in early 2017:

  • Complete topographical survey.
  • Physically locate the SCL electrical conduits, communication conduits and Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) water main.
  • Complete Wetland delineation report.
  • Review potential alignments.
  • Submit coaching application.