Lake Union Park Repair

Updated: June 6, 2017

Spring 2017

Seattle Parks and Recreation closed the Lake Union Park Bridge in late October 2014 due to lateral movement of the east abutment. Visitors to the park will need to access the opposite side of the park by following the pathway to the south and around the small inlet.

Since the closure we have taken appropriate measures to determine the overall cause of this movement, designed corrective measures to remedy this and secured the necessary funding. We are now ready to proceed with the construction phase of this project. We have carefully evaluated current planned events in and around the park in order to find a time that would result in the least impact to the community and our partners, while still resulting in a successful project. We are currently scheduling work to commence between July 10 to August 1, 2017 and will last approximately four months. During construction all business in the park will be open to the public: MOHAI - Museum of History & Industry; Center for Wooden Boats; Northwest Seaport; Steamship Virginia V Foundation; Seattle Fireboat Duwamish.

The following are the recommendations for bidding and construction.

The project will remove and repair specific site elements and lighten soil loads by using geofoam to minimize future settlements.  Work includes:  

  • Removal of existing soil and installation of lightweight geofoam under hardscapes (walkways) along the western portion of the park 'peninsula' (west of MOHAI) to reduce load.
  • Bridge abutment will be modified to allow for continued use of the existing abutment while allowing for possible lateral deformation of the abutment in the future. 
  • A portion of the Boardwalk between the bridge and the bulkhead will be repaired. 
  • Once the lightweight geofoam is placed and abutment is modified all hardscapes will be reinstalled. 

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.


Lake Union Park, 860 Terry Ave N, 98109

Budget & Schedule

See the budget and schedule for this project on our Open Budget website

Project Description

This project, funded with 2008 Parks Levy funds redirected from the Seattle Asian Art Museum renovation project, investigates and repairs subsidence issues in walkway areas at Lake Union Park, along the north side of the park adjacent to the water, and east and north of the pedestrian bridge on the west side of the park. Temporary repairs have been made to eliminate tripping hazards, but this project constructs a long term solution to ensure safe and accessible walkways.