Highland Park Playground Improvements

Updated: February 14, 2019

Winter 2018/19

The Highland Park play area is now open. This play area renovation project evolved into a larger project that made improvements throughout the park. The initial funding came from the community-initiated Opportunity Fund with additional funding from the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund and the Seattle Park District. The park improvement project includes new asphalt and crushed rock pathways throughout the park, from SW Thistle St to SW Cloverdale St, to 10th Ave SW, and along the east side of the ballfields; new concrete plazas adjacent to the shelter house; a relocated new play area with play equipment for ages 2-12; a relocated new ballfield for t-ball, coach pitch, and U-9 and under soccer; new picnic tables, benches and planting, as well as upgraded irrigation and lighting. 

The play area is open and complete, further site drainage work and the addition of new LED lighting (much improved lighting quality and energy efficiency) are scheduled.

Download the Final Plan


Highland Park Playground, 1100 SW Cloverdale, 98106


Funding for this project includes $375,000 Opportunity Fund from the 2008 Parks and Greenspaces Levy, $112,596 from the Neighborhood Park and Street Fund and $450,000 from the Seattle Park District.


Play Area Construction: February - June/July 2017
Play Area Completion: Summer 2017

Project Description

This project was selected for the second round of Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Funding. The application received in this community-initiated process is a preliminary concept and the final design may be constrained by the project budget. All projects will go through Park’s public involvement procedure which includes public meetings and community input. They will also go through an internal Parks process to ensure the most effective implementation.

Improve access into the park and play equipment that adds to the diversity of play experiences in the neighborhood. Attention to pedestrian flow will tie its new pieces together into a cohesive whole, create a better connection to the neighborhood, make the park more usable and safe for everyone.

Community Participation

 Public Meeting and Open House 4/18/2016