Greenwood-Phinney Park Development

Updated: March 15, 2018

Spring 2018

The interim park opened September 8, 2017 and will be available for community use until park construction begins in late spring of 2018. The community has been busy putting up murals to temporarily activate the space.

The design of the new park is at 95% completion with permitting scheduled for the middle of November. New updates to the design include modifications to the Nature Discovery Trail and the Reading Nook. See the revised site plan. The Reading Nook has been relocated to the north end of the park as it is a more contemplative space which was in the middle of a very active zone with the plaza and Nature Discovery Trail. The Nature Discovery Trail has been moved south to provide more space and opportunities for exploration. Design Development which includes these slight modifications has been approved by Seattle Design Commission.

An additional modification to Phase 1 includes lighting as a bid additive. Although lighting is not standard for Seattle Parks and Recreation, we understand the desire from the community for it in this park. We will include it as an additive and depending on how high bids come in, we are hopeful to accept this into Phase 1 of the park. More to come on that when we go out for bid in late 2017.

Thank you for the feedback we received regarding the crosswalk design options. See the online survey results. Once again Greenwood shows their passion and excitement for this new park with nearly 400 responses to the designs! The Page Turn option received the most responses. We will move forward refining this design concept to include it with the new park.

We also wanted to thank you for the comments we received in addition to the choices. Here you can see the comments represented graphically giving a visual on how the community envisions the crosswalk and the park.

A Wordyle graphic representation of feedback for the park and raised crosswalk design

Seattle Parks and Recreation purchased two property sites between N. 81st and N. 82nd on the east side of Greenwood to develop a park (the mini-mart site purchased in November 2012 and the pub property immediately north purchased in July 2015).


Between N 81st St & N 82nd St on the east side of Greenwood Ave N, 98103


Seattle Park District provides $924,000 for planning, design and construction.


Planning: Spring 2016 - Fall 2016
Design: Fall 2016 - Fall 2017
Construction: Late Spring 2018 - Summer 2018
Completion: Summer 2018

Community Participation

Open House and Input Opportunity 6/25/2016

Public Meeting and Input Opportunity 11/2/2016

Final Public Meeting 2/1/2017