Bhy Kracke Park Improvements

Updated: May 29, 2018

Spring 2018

We began construction in the park on April 9, 2018. The scope of work includes installation of pile retaining walls at the pathway behind the play area. Removal of a degrading cherry tree will be included in the work. The two additives which included vines at the base of the retaining wall, arbor work (additional pipe pile wall behind the arbor, modifications to the arbor to remove the northern bay), and removal of the secondary switchback pathway at the lower garden with vegetation restoration were not within budget and will not be constructed at this time.

During construction, the contractor will need to close the play area, the lawn adjacent to the play area, the pathways behind the play area, and the pathway behind the arbor. Additive #2 was not accepted therefore, the pathway behind the arbor will not be permanently closed. Seattle Parks and Recreation and the contractor hired for the project will work to minimize impact to the neighborhood.  


Bhy Kracke Park, 1215 5th Ave N, 98109


The Seattle Parks District Major Maintenance Funding provides $490,642 in funding for this project.


Planning and Design: Fall 2015 to Fall 2017
Bidding: Winter 2018
Construction: Spring-Summer 2018
Completion: Summer 2018

Project Description

Project improvements include the installation of new retaining walls and pathway widening, pathway removals, and plant restoration.

Public Meeting

September 7, 2016 Meeting