Workforce Housing

Project Outcomes

We amended the Land Use Code so that the Workforce Housing Incentive program is available throughout Seattle. The expanded incentives:

  • Encourage growth where it is most appropriate
  • Protect fragile natural environments and low-density, single-family areas
  • Promote housing affordability
  • Encourage new open spaces
  • Helps preserve local landmarks

Key Milestones

  • December 2008
    City Council adopted Ordinance 122882
  • October 2008
    We submitted workforce housing incentive amendments to City Council
  • August 2008
    We published a notice of Determination of Non-Significance under the State Environmental Policy Act

Project Purpose

The expanded and revised Workforce Housing Incentive program:

  • Allows a significant increase to the size of the building project by adding more height or floor area than is normally permitted
  • Requires a public benefit for nearby residents and businesses in exchange for increased development
  • Applies throughout Seattle when development rules are updated to include incentive zoning