Chefs for Ships

Chefs learning how to skin fishGot culinary skills? Looking for an opportunity to show them off and get paid?  

Chefs on Ships is a training program for experienced chefs to work on maritime vessels. Upon completion of training and culinary assessments, chefs may earn $8,000 - $10,000 per month on board a ship (including base wage, overtime, and vacation pay). On ships, Chief Cooks (Chefs) are responsible for cooking 2 meals a day, meal planning, and managing food stocks. In addition, they earn 4 hours of overtime a day. 

After 4 months of work, Chief Cooks earn full benefits including medical, dental, and pension (at no personal cost). Ships are also equipped with WIFI. After 12 - 15 months, Chief Cooks are guaranteed advancement to become Chief Stewards.

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Seafarers International Union - Chef Cook Assessment Program CCP

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