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City of Seattle
Mike McGinn (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor to announce Seattle Nightlife Initiative

7/13/2010  4:30:00 PM

Mayor to announce Seattle Nightlife Initiative
A proposal for creating a safe and vibrant nighttime economy

SEATTLE - Tonight Mayor Mike McGinn will announce his Seattle Nightlife Initiative, a proposal with eight components to increase public safety, grow our nighttime economy and improve urban vibrancy.

"We look forward to sharing these ideas with the community and getting their feedback and input about how we can work together to make better communities," said McGinn.

A detailed version of the proposal is attached to this release. - Acrobat PDF

Read a one page summary of the proposal - Acrobat PDF

View the flexible hours report - Acrobat PDF

"The eight components that make up the Seattle Nightlife Initiative are designed to take advantage of the economic and social rewards nighttime businesses bring to our city, while making public safety the highest priority," said McGinn. "I thank City Attorney Holmes, Councilmember Licata, business leaders, city staff, the City Council and many others for supporting our effort to bring these proposals to the public for their consideration."

The priorities of the Seattle Nightlife Initiative include:

  1. Code compliance enforcement
  2. Flexible liquor service hours
  3. Noise ordinance enforcement
  4. Security training requirements
  5. Precinct community outreach
  6. Professional development
  7. Late-night transportation alternatives
  8. Targeting public nuisances

A consultant's report on flexible liquor service hours is attached to this release.

"I am pleased to see this comprehensive approach to nightlife issues," said Councilmember Nick Licata. "The nighttime disturbance ordinance I am sponsoring will address undesirable behavior related to nightlife in a way that enhances public safety, without placing additional burdens on businesses. This approach was recommended by the Nightlife Advisory Board, composed of residents and nightlife operators."

The Seattle Nightlife Initiative arises as a new approach to an age-old issue in Seattle. It aims to ensure that neighborhoods are livable, support a vibrant nightlife industry and leverage the economic contribution that nightlife brings to Seattle. This initiative sets out to develop a proactive and strategic approach to managing areas of nighttime activity in order to reduce antisocial behavior, noise, public disturbances and other problems.

It emphasizes integrated action across local policies and activities, reducing costs and allowing for responsible growth in the nighttime economy. The components of the plan work together, and each is necessary for the success of this effort.

"A safe, vibrant nightlife is important to Seattle's emergence from this stubborn recession and maintaining our creative, dynamic and sociable urban culture," said Seattle City Attorney Peter Holmes. "I support collaborative efforts among Seattle communities, the nightlife industry and state and local regulators to revitalize Seattle nightlife."

This plan envisions a full suite of actions that together provide a balanced approach: They require nightlife establishments, patrons, the city government and residents all to play a role in creating and supporting a safe and vibrant nightlife within Seattle.

"The city's new initiative will help move Seattle to the forefront of progressive growth and management of our nightlife economy.  I am happy to see we are looking past the hiccups of differences and pushing for a comprehensive approach that makes Seattle a better place to live, work and play," said Pete Hanning, president of the Seattle Nightlife & Music Association.

"This is just the start of what we expect will be a vigorous discussion in which these ideas are fully examined," said McGinn. "We look forward to hearing more ideas on how to achieve these goals."

The city of Seattle will solicit public feedback and input on the Seattle Nightlife Initiative. The Mayor's Office will coordinate outreach to all the precinct advisory councils and a number of community and neighborhood groups. The Mayor's Office will also solicit input via an online survey (, which will be disseminated widely. The outreach and public engagement will follow the Inclusive Outreach and Public Engagement Guidelines and be inclusive of people of diverse cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations and socioeconomic status.

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