It's time to VOTE for your favorite park and street improvements! 


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The 2018 Your Voice, Your Choice Vote takes place June 16 to July 16:

  • Voting is open to anyone age 11 and up (must be 13 and up to vote online) who lives, works, goes to school, worships, receives services, volunteers, or is part of a program in the City of Seattle.
  • Each voter may cast one ballot per City Council district, and may choose up to three (3) projects per district.
  • You can vote online or by paper ballot at any Seattle Public Library branch.

The projects below were identified by community members as top priorities during the YVYC Project Development phase. Click the project number below to view the project review completed by Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) or Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR). Please note that several of the reviewed projects were found to not be feasible for YVYC 2018, and will not be on the YVYC ballot. An * indicates projects that are in Equity and Environment Initiative Focus Areas and eligible for an additional $1 million in citywide funding.

View a map of these project ideas.

District 1

1A. Project # 18-161: Pedestrian Lighting Improvements at SW Morgan St bus stop near South Seattle College
Neighborhood: Riverview/Puget Ridge

1B. Project # 17-014: Intersection Improvements at Dallas Ave S, 12th Ave S, and Thistle St*
Neighborhood: South Park

1C. Project # 18-149: Walkway Improvements on S Cloverdale St under SR-99 overpass*
Neighborhood: South Park

1D. Project # 17-187: Signage Improvements at S Henderson St & 12th Ave S*
Neighborhood: South Park 

1E. Project # 17-125: Improvements between 21st Ave SW and 23rd Ave SW at SW Brandon St 
Neighborhood: Puget Ridge/North Delridge

1F. Project # 17-174: Crossing Improvements on California Ave SW and SW College St 
Neighborhood: North Admiral

1G. Project # 18-167: Improvements on Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Findlay St/SW Brandon St 
Neighborhood: Fairmount Park

1H. Project # 17-177: Improvements to basketball courts at Delridge Community Center 
Neighborhood: North Delridge

1I. Project # 18-1045: Equipment Refurbishment at Puget Boulevard Commons 
Neighborhood: North Delridge

1J. Project # 18-1043: Benches in Lincoln Park 
Neighborhood: Fauntleroy

1K. Project # 17-006: Trail Improvements at Roxhill Park*
Neighborhood: Roxhill/South Delridge

District 2

2A. Project #17-235: Walkway improvements on 4th Ave S, between E Marginal Way & S Michigan St
Neighborhood: Georgetown

2B. Project #18-262: Improvements on Corson Ave S & E Marginal Way S
Neighborhood: Georgetown

2C. Project #18-231: Crossing Improvements at Lake Washington Blvd S and 45th Ave S  
Neighborhood: Lakewood

2D. Project #17-207: Crossing Improvements on Beacon Ave S between S Spokane St & S Alaska St*
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

2E. Project #18-297: Public Safety Improvements on S Genesee St between Jill Pl S and 29th Ave S* 
Neighborhood: Rainier Vista

2F. Project #18-240: Pedestrian Lighting on S Jackson St at 12th Ave S*
Neighborhood: Little Saigon/International District

2G. Project #18-210: Walkway Improvements on 33rd Ave S between Graham and Holly Drive South* 
Neighborhood: New Holly

2H. Project #18-207 : Crossing Improvements & Traffic Calming at Rainier Ave & S Holly St*
Neighborhood: Brighton

2I. Project #17-260 : Crossing Improvements at Seward Park Ave & S. Orcas St 
Neighborhood: Lakewood/Seward Park

2J. Project #18-202 : Pedestrian Improvements on Rainier Ave from 57th Ave S to Henderson Ave S*  
Neighborhood: Rainier Beach

2K. Project #18-2024: Safety Improvements in Oxbow Park 
Neighborhood: Georgetown

2L. Project #17-333: Improvements in Hing Hay Park*
Neighborhood: Chinatown/International District

2M. Project #18-2011: Trail Improvements in Dr. Jose Rizal Park*
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

2N. Project #17-322: Improvements to Basketball Courts at Beacon Hill Playfield* 
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill

2O. Project #17-344: Trail Improvements in Seward Park
Neighborhood: Seward Park

District 3

3A. Project #18-313: Sidewalk Repair on Summit between Madison & Spring 
Neighborhood: First Hill

3B. Project #18-805: Crossing Improvements on E Aloha St and 14th Ave E 
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill

3C. Project #18-818: Signage at Shoreline Street Ends 
Neighborhood: Various

3D. Project #17-347: Corner Improvements at 25th Ave S & Plum St 
Neighborhood: North Rainier

3E. Project #17-358: Crossing Improvements on 19th & Cherry 
Neighborhood: Squire Park

3F. Project #18-360: Crossing Improvements on E Jefferson & 15th/16th Ave 
Neighborhood: Squire Park

3G. Project #18-357: Traffic Calming on 29th Avenue between Yesler and Alder 
Neighborhood: Leschi

3H. Project #18-346: Pathway Improvements on Rainier & I-90*
Neighborhood: Atlantic

3I. Project #18-3013: Improvements at Lakeview Park 
Neighborhood: Denny-Blaine

3J. Project #18-3006: Improvements at Judkins Park*
Neighborhood: Judkins Park

District 4

4A. Project #18-412 : Crossing Improvements at NE 45th St & 8th Ave NE 
Neighborhood: U District

4B. Project #18-449: Improvements at NE 55th St & Ravenna Pl NE
Neighborhood: Ravenna

4C. Project #18-418/18-470: Traffic Calming & Crossing Improvements on 20th Ave NE between NE 65th St and Lake City Way 
Neighborhood: Ravenna

4D. Project #18-481: Crossing Improvements at NE 77th St and 25 Ave NE 
Neighborhood: Wedgwood

4E. Project #18-402: Crossing Improvements on Burke Gilman Trail crossing Stone Way N at N 34th St 
Neighborhood: Wallingford

4F. Project #18-413: Crossing Improvements at Woodland Park Avenue North and N 46th/N Midvale Pl & N 45th Streets 
Neighborhood: Wallingford

4G. Project #18-451: Crossing Improvements at 15th Avenue NE and NE 55th Street 
Neighborhood: Ravenna

4H. Project #18-425 : Crossing Improvements at 15th Ave NE and NE 85th St 
Neighborhood: Maple Leaf

4I. Project #17-464: Improvements at Cowen Park 
Neighborhood: Ravenna

District 5

5A. Project #17-558: Walkway Improvements on 33rd Ave NE, between NE 125th St & NE 130th St*
Neighborhood: Lake City

5B. Project #18-580: Crossing Improvements on 33rd Ave NE between NE 125 St and NE 130 St* 
Neighborhood: Lake City

5C. Project #18-566: Walkway Improvements on 26th Ave NE from NE 125th St to Virgil Flaim Park
Neighborhood: Lake City

5D. Project #18-521: Traffic Calming & Crossing Improvements on 32nd Ave NE* 
Neighborhood: Little Brook

5E. Project #17-532: Crossing Improvements at 1st Ave NE & NE 117th St
Neighborhood: Haller Lake

5F. Project #18-540: Walkway Improvements on NE 104th Way between Lake City Way and Lakeview Lane NE
Neighborhood: Victory Heights

5G. Project #18-543: Traffic Calming & Crossing Improvements at NE 105 St and NE 104th Pl 
Neighborhood: Meadowbrook

5H. Project #18-586: Traffic Calming on N 143rd St between Greenwood Ave N and Aurora Ave N 
Neighborhood: Bitter Lake

5I. Project #18-520: Traffic Calming at 1st Ave NW & N 137th St 
Neighborhood: Broadview

5J. Project #18-592: Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements on NE 145th St & 30th Ave NE*
Neighborhood: Little Brook

5K. Project #18-5001: Trail Improvements at Licton Springs Park 
Neighborhood: Licton Springs

District 6

6A. Project #17-687: Improvements on 8th Ave NW, north of 85th St.
Neighborhood: Crown Hill

6B. Project #17-696: Crossing improvements on 8th Ave NW & NW 97th St/NW 100th St 
Neighborhood: Crown Hill

6C. Project #17-682 : Crossing Improvements at NW 80th St & 13th Ave NW 
Neighborhood: Whittier Heights

6D. Project #18-695: Crossing Improvements at 15th Ave NW & NW Market St 
Neighborhood: Ballard

6E. Project #18-682: Improvements on 8th Ave NW and Leary Way NW
Neighborhood: Ballard

6F. Project #18-671/18-675: Crossing Improvements on N 39th St and Phinney Ave N
Neighborhood: Fremont

6G. Project #18-672: Improvements on N 39th St & Linden Ave N- $7,700
Neighborhood: Fremont

6H. Project #18-604: Crossing Improvements at Leary Way NW & NW 41st St
Neighborhood: Fremont

6I. Project #18-661 : Traffic Calming on Ashworth Avenue N between N 85th St and N 80th St
Neighborhood: Green Lake

6J. Project #17-675: Crossing Improvements at Linden Ave N & N 77th St
Neighborhood: Greenwood

6K. Project #18-6003: Improvements at Salmon Bay Park 
Neighborhood: Ballard

District 7

7A. Project #18-714: Crossing Improvements on Queen Anne Dr. and 4th Ave North
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

7B. Project #18-749: Crossing Improvements & Traffic Calming on 10th Avenue W and Olympic Way W
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

7C. Project #18-703: Improvements at 9th & University Pavement Park 
Neighborhood: First Hill

7D. Project #17-338 : Crossing Improvements to 2nd Ave Ext S and S Jackson intersection*
Neighborhood: Pioneer Square

7E. Project #18-725: Crossing Improvements on Western Ave & Lenora/Blanchard 
Neighborhood: Belltown

7F. Project #17-715: Crossing Improvements at Denny Way & 5th Ave 
Neighborhood: Belltown

7G. Project #17-761: Crossing Improvements at 3rd Ave W, near Fulton St. 
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

7H. Project #18-717 : Pathway Improvements on Jesse Ave W from W Nickerson St to W Emerson St
Neighborhood: Queen Anne

7I. Project #18-7002: Pathway Improvements at Cascade Playfield 
Neighborhood: Cascade

7J. Project #18-7008: Improvements at Cottages/P-Patch Park 
Neighborhood: Belltown

Ineligible Projects

Project #18-1009: Improvements at Weather Watch Park
Neighborhood: Alki

Project # 18-110: Crossing Improvements on Sylvan Way SW at SW Sylvan Heights Dr. 
Neighborhood: High Point

Project # 17-167: Crossing Improvements along Admiral Way SW between 49th & 59th Ave SW 
Neighborhood: Alki

Project #18-208: Traffic Calming on S. Morgan St. and 33rd Ave. S 
Neighborhood: New Holly

Project #18-2019: Improvements in Columbia Park 
Neighborhood: Columbia City

Project #18-314 : Pedestrian Improvements at Boren & Seneca St. 
Neighborhood: First Hill

Project #18-363: Traffic Calming at 33rd Avenue and Columbia Street 
Neighborhood: Madrona

Project #18-477: Traffic Calming at 21st Ave NE & NE 77th St 
Neighborhood: Ravenna

Project #18-4012: Equipment Refurbishment at Terry Pettus Park 
Neighborhood: Eastlake

With an additional $1 million allocated to YVYC in 2018, our Steering Committee considered a number of options to determine how this funding is distributed, with a focus on centering equity, inclusive democracy and environmental justice. This analysis was done in partnership with the City of Seattle's Equity and Environment Initiative (EEI), which is shifting the City's approach so those most affected by environmental challenges and racial-socio economic conditions will lead on designing solutions and directly benefit from City programs and policies. The Steering Committee unanimously decided to designate this $1 million in funding for projects in EEI Focus Areas: geographic areas where communities of color, immigrants, refugees, people with low incomes, Native peoples and limited-English proficiency individuals tend to live. These areas are highly impacted by socio-economic and environmental challenges. Projects will be voted on through district-based ballots, and the top vote-getting projects in EEI Focus Areas citywide will be funded up to $1 million overall. The original $2 million in YVYC funding will continue to be divided equally among all City Council Districts, with each district receiving approximately $285,000 in funding.

Your Voice, Your Choice (YVYC) is all about community decision-making, which means the power is in YOUR hands to decide what park and street improvements will receive funding. To spread the word, we work closely with volunteer "Vote Champions" who encourage their neighbors and fellow community members to get out the vote.  

Vote Champions can connect their neighbors to Your Voice, Your Choice by:

  • Sharing information with their online networks
  • Bringing voting to their groups/organizations
  • Displaying Your Voice, Your Choice voting information
  • Volunteering with Your Voice, Your Choice at an event
  • Hosting a pop-up voting site

Sign up to be a YVYC Vote Champion and we will make sure you are connected with the tools and resources you need to help spread the word and get out the vote.