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Neighborhood Planning

In 1999, the City Council finished the approval process for 38 neighborhood plans created by nearly 20,000 citizens. The plans identify actions needed to ensure that each neighborhood will continue to thrive and improve as Seattle grows over the next 20 years in ways that meet our commitments under the State's Growth Management Act. In the years since approval, much progress has been made on implementing the projects identified in the neighborhood plans. On this site, you can read the plan for your neighborhood.

Visit the Office of Planning and Community Development's website for current City efforts. Visit the archived Neighborhood Planning site for additional historic information. Read our Neighborhood Snapshots for a quick look at what's happening now.

Neighborhood Plan AreaPlanMapCouncil Bill Documents
Ordinance/ Land Use OrdinanceMatrix
Admiral Admiral plan Admiral map Comp Plan Ord #119714 Admiral matrix
Aurora Licton Aurora Licton plan Aurora Licton map Comp Plan Ord #119538 Aurora Licton matrix
BINMIC (Ballard Interbay Northend) BINMIC plan BINMIC map Comp Plan Ord #119047 BINMIC matrix
Broadview-Bitter Lake-Haller Lake Broadview plan Broadview map Comp Plan Ord #119685
Land Use Ord #119691
Broadview matrix
Capitol Hill Capitol Hill plan Capitol Hill map Comp Plan Ord #119498 Capitol Hill matrix
Central Area Central Area plan Central Area map Comp Plan Ord #119216
Land Use Ord #119218
Central Area matrix
Chinatown/International District Chinatown/ID plan Chinatown/ID map Comp Plan Ord #119297 Chinatown/ID matrix
Columbia City/Hillman City Columbia City plan Columbia City map Comp Plan Ord #119694
Land Use Ord #119698
Columbia City matrix
Commercial Core Commercial Core plan Commercial Core map Comp Plan Ord #119475
Land Use Ord #119474
Commercial Core matrix
Crown Hill/Ballard Crown Hill/Ballard plan Crown Hill/Ballard map Comp Plan Ord #119111 Crown Hill/Ballard matrix
Delridge Delridge plan Delridge map Comp Plan Bill #112714
Land Use Ord #112981
Land Use Ord #119661 
Land Use Bill #112984
Delridge matrix
Denny Regrade/Belltown Denny Regrade/Belltown plan Denny Regrade/Belltown map Comp Plan Ord #119464 Denny Regrade/Belltown matrix
Denny Triangle Denny Triangle plan Denny Triangle map Comp Plan Ord #119365 Denny Triangle matrix
DUCPG (Downtown Urban Center Planning Group) DUCPG plan DUCPG map Land Use Ord #119476
Land Use Ord #119484
DUCPG matrix
Duwamish Duwamish plan Duwamish map Comp Plan Ord #119973
Land Use Ord #119970
Land Use Ord #119972
Duwamish matrix
Eastlake Eastlake plan Eastlake map Comp Plan Ord #119322 Eastlake matrix
First Hill First Hill plan First Hill map Comp Plan Ord #119412 First Hill matrix
Fremont Fremont plan Fremont map Comp Plan Ord #119687 Fremont matrix
Georgetown Georgetown plan Georgetown map Comp Plan Ord #119852 Georgetown matrix
Greenlake Greenlake plan Greenlake map Comp Plan Ord #119524
Land Use Bill #112983
Greenlake matrix
Greenwood/Phinney Greenwood/Phinney plan Greenwood/Phinney map Comp Plan Ord #119743 Greenwood/Phinney matrix
Martin Luther King, Jr at Holly Street MLK, Jr at Holly St. plan MLK, Jr at Holly St. map Comp Plan Ord #119298 MLK, Jr at Holly St. matrix
MOCA (Morgan Junction) MOCA plan MOCA map Comp Plan Ord #119634 MOCA matrix
North Beacon Hill North Beacon Hill plan North Beacon Hill map Comp Plan Ord #119713
Land Use Ord #119724
North Beacon Hill matrix
North District/Lake City North District/Lake City plan North District/Lake City map Comp Plan Ord #119633
Land Use Ord #119490
North District/Lake City matrix
Northgate Northgate plan Northgate map * The 1993 Northgate Area Comprehensive Plan predated the Neighborhood Approval and Adoption process.   Northgate matrix
North Rainier Valley North Rainier Valley plan North Rainier Valley map Comp Plan Ord #119671
Land Use Ord #119681
North Rainier Valley matrix
Pike/Pine Pike/Pine plan Pike/Pine map Comp Plan Ord #119413 Pike/Pine matrix
Pioneer Square Pioneer Square plan Pioneer Square map Comp Plan Ord #119231
Land Use Ord #119476
Pioneer Square matrix
Queen Anne Queen Anne plan Queen Anne map Comp Plan Ord #119403 Queen Anne matrix
Rainier Beach Rainier Beach plan Rainier Beach map Comp Plan Ord #119614 Rainier Beach matrix
Roosevelt Roosevelt plan Roosevelt map Comp Plan Ord #119525 Roosevelt matrix
South Lake Union South Lake Union plan South Lake Union map Comp Plan Ord #119401 South Lake Union matrix
South Park South Park plan South Park map Comp Plan Ord #119356 South Park matrix
University University plan University map Comp Plan Ord #119230
Land Use Ord #119235
University matrix
Wallingford Wallingford plan Wallingford map Comp Plan Ord #119217 Wallingford matrix
West Seattle Junction West Seattle Junction plan West Seattle Junction map Comp Plan Ord #119506 West Seattle Junction matrix
Westwood and Highland Park Westwood and Highland Park plan Westwood and Highland Park map Comp Plan Ord #119615 Westwood and Highland Park matrix


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