Policing and Community Safety Executive Order

Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signed the Policing and Community Safety Executive Order to evaluate Seattle Police Department (SPD) functions and services and identify areas of SPD response that can be transitioned to civilian or community-based responses. The Executive Order creates a Community Safety Work Group and an Interdepartmental Team to develop and implement the policy goals outlined by the Mayor.

This website will be regularly updated with updates and reports from the Interdepartmental Team as they become available.

Community Safety Work Group

The Community Safety Work Group (CSWG) is led by the Department of Neighborhoods, Human Services Department, and the Seattle Police Department. The CSWG leads on vetting the IDT's work products with community to solicit resident feedback and priorities as well as make policy recommendations on alternate, civilian responses to policing. 

Interdepartmental Team

The Interdepartmental Team (IDT) is led by the Seattle Police Department, Mayor's Office, and City Budget Office. The IDT conducts the analysis and research directed in the Executive Order, and produces regular reports to guide data-driven decision-making among policy makers and the public. The IDT is evaluating the SPD's 911 calls and dispatch, its current personnel and staffing model, and its fiscal model and spending. 

Chart showing the Public Safety Budget and Policy Timeline, beginning in May 2020, through Nov. 2021

Explore the SPD Budget Tool

The City and U.S. Digital Response created the SPD Budget Tool to help increase transparency into and understanding of the Seattle Police Department's budget and functions. The tool allows users the opportunity to find out the budget and number of staff for each current SPD function, as well as better understand what functions do and what unions are involved in certain SPD roles. The data is available to anyone and can be exported as a CSV.

After exploring the department's budget and functions, the tool puts forward a survey to allow users to submit their priorities for the department directly to the City of Seattle. The survey results will be made public.

IDT reports repository

  • Dec. 1, 2020: Community engagement report
  • Dec. 1, 2020: Workforce Analysis Design

SPD data dashboards 

Contact information

Residents with questions or thoughts on the progression of the Community Safety Executive Order can email Sonny Nguyen, Senior External Affairs Liaison, at Sonny.Nguyen@seattle.gov.  

Members of the media with questions about the progression of the Community Safety Executive Order can email Kelsey Nyland, Press Secretary, at Kelsey.Nyland@seattle.gov.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The Executive Order specifies a specific timeline for public reports and recommendations from the CSWG and IDT:

  • October 2020: Community engagement report and workforce analysis design
  • November 2020: Workforce analysis across all units
  • November 2020 - January 2021: Monthly status report
  • March 2021: Final report  

It is the City's intention that any budget actions that result from the Executive Order are put forward via a supplemental budget in Summer 2021. 

The City is working with the Center for Policing Equity, the National Institute for Criminal Justice and Reform, and Accenture to help conduct the workforce analysis outlined in the Mayor's Executive Order. Each of these organizations have a history of working with municipalities to evaluate and improve their police departments. In addition, these organizations can provide a level of data analytics and technology solutions currently unavailable to the City.

Additionally, City staff had full plates before the Executive Order, and this added capacity allows the goals of the Executive Order to progress without sacrificing existing scopes of work for City employees.