Proposal Will Generate $52 Million through 2025 for More Than 500 New Affordable Homes Near Transit for Low- and Middle-Income Workers  Proceeds Will Also Fully Fund [...]
Seattle (September 16, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan celebrated City Council’s passage of her legislation making transformational investments in housing, homelessness, and family-wage jobs, adding a new community center and transportation and [...]
Mayor’s “Housing Seattle Now” Establishes New $15 million EDI Revolving Loan Program Seattle (September 13, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan announced $5 million in awards through the Equitable Development Initiative (EDI), part of the City’s effort to [...]
Four New Pilot Strategies Aim to Address Intersection of Homelessness Crisis, Criminal Legal System, Behavioral Health, Substance Use Disorders with Multi-Disciplinary Approach across Jurisdictions Mayor Durkan, Executive Constantine Investing in [...]
2020 Proposed Budget Invests in Enhancing Seattle Fire Department “Health One” Program to Help People with Behavioral Health or Substance Use Issues, Non-Emergency Medical Issues, and Access to [...]
Following Extensive Survey and Data-Driven Study, Mayor Proposing These Significant Investments in SPD Hiring, Recruiting, and Retention in 2020 Budget Mayor Also Announces Plan to Invest Nearly $850,000 to Continue Community-Based Emphasis Patrols [...]
Mayor’s 2020 Proposed Budget Includes Funding for Five New Community Service Officers as Part of Program Relaunched This Year Seattle (September 10, 2019) – As part of her 2020 Proposed Budget, Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan today announced her [...]
Seattle (September 6, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signed into law her new housing legislation and more robust tenant protections.   “We must continue to act with urgency to [...]
Seattle (September 6, 2019) – Mayor Jenny A. Durkan applauded of City Council’s Sustainability & Transportation Committee for passing her legislation – a plan for transformational investment in housing, homelessness, and family-wage jobs, a [...]
Seattle is First City to Utilize State Law for a Utility Surplus Property to Transfer Seattle City Light Property at No Cost for Affordable Homeownership Seattle (September 5, 2019) – As part of her Housing Seattle Now initiative, Mayor Jenny A. [...]

Meet the Mayor's Key Staff Members

Michael Fong - Senior Deputy Mayor

Shefali Ranganathan - Deputy Mayor for External Relations

David Moseley - Deputy Mayor for Operations

Stephanie Formas - Chief of Staff

Anthony Auriemma - Director of Legislative Affairs

Lyle Canceko - Mayor’s Office Administrator

Edie Gilliss - Policy Director

Kyla Blair - Director of External Relations and Outreach

Kylie Rolf - Director of Major Initiatives

Mark Prentice - Communications Director

Michelle Chen - Legal Counsel

Kindle Shaw - Deputy Mayor Moseley's and Legal Counsel Warren's Executive Assistant

Amanda Stoddard - Interim Executive Assistant to Senior Deputy Mayor Fong and Deputy Mayor Shefali Ranganathan

Colleen O'Reilly Bernier - Mayor's Executive Assistant