Fare Share Plan


The Fare Share plan is an investment in YOU, YOUR city, and YOUR business.

It creates fair compensation standards and worker protections for Uber and Lyft drivers, while also making investments in affordable housing and transit.

  • The plan requires that drivers be paid a minimum compensation, plus benefits and expenses.
  • The plan includes an increase of $0.51 per ride on Uber and Lyft that will support:
    • $52 million investment in affordable housing near transit
    • $56 million investments to fully fund the Center City Connector streetcar
    • The establishment of an independent and non-profit Driver Resolution Center


Uber and Lyft classify drivers like you as independent contractors, which means you aren't currently subject to the City's policies that protect employees with minimum wage and paid sick leave. After paying required taxes and expenses like gas or car maintenance, many drivers are not earning minimum wage, and don't receive benefits like worker's compensation, paid sick and safe time, or unemployment insurance.

The City of Seattle's Fare Share plan creates rules establishing fair compensation, and worker protections for Uber and Lyft drivers. Under the Fare Share plan, you will get:

  • At least the equivalent of Seattle's minimum wage plus compensation for reasonable expenses and benefits.
  • Support through a new Driver Resolution Center that will make sure you know your rights and provide free help and representation to resolve disputes regarding deactivation.

Fare Share Telephone Town Hall

The City of Seattle hosted a Fare Share Telephone Town Hall on February 6, 2020. This was an opportunity for ride share drivers to ask questions and get more information. Listen to the conversation below.